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Humans have placed great value on shiny things for centuries. During the 18th century, gold discovered throughout the western United States became the backbone of the American economy. Even though the US dollar is no longer backed by gold, we still value precious metals and gems above all else. Gems such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies are used in all sorts of jewelry, from beautiful luxury watches to expensive engagement rings used to express true love.

With the financial significance of gemstones, what better imagery could you put in a slot game? Crystal Gems by 2By2 Gaming is a beautifully designed slot game that’s filled with all sorts of shiny gemstones that symbolize big wins. If you’re tired of winning boring old hunks of metal, give Crystal Gems a try. You might even be lucky enough to walk away with a bag of diamonds!

Features & How to Play

Crystal Gems has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines. Although there are numbers on either side of the board, they don’t do anything because the number of active lines in this game is fixed. For players who want to be a bit more precise in choosing their bet amount, there is a chip size setting which allows you to set the value of each chip (coin). For convenience, Crystal Gems also features a max bet button and an autoplay feature.

If you’ve played any slot games before, you’ll be very familiar with the symbols in Crystal Gems. The first six symbols are the 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. The higher tier of symbols are all gemstones. The citrine, ruby and sapphire are the lower paying gems, the emerald is a bit better, and the diamond is the best. The max reward for these standard symbols is 400 chips.

There is also a wild symbol in Crystal Gems. This symbol will take the place of any other symbol on the board except for the scatter symbol. In addition to substituting for other symbols on the same payline, the wild symbol pays a hefty reward for matches, too. If you get 5 wild symbols on a payline, you’ll get a whopping 2,000 chip payout.

The scatter symbol in Crystal Gems is a mine cart; when you land 3 or more anywhere on the board, you get free spins. 3 symbols get you 8 free spins, 4 symbols get you 10, and 5 symbols get you 12. During these spins, the wild symbol will multiply any wins it’s a part of. You may also win a mystery award during these rounds.


Unlike many other slot game manufacturers, 2By2 Gaming doesn’t make it particularly easy to play their games for free. There doesn’t appear to be any way to try this game through the 2By2 website, and when you find it for free on other casino websites, you’ll probably get an error message about the game’s availability in your country. This is unfortunate if you’re looking to try the game out before spending cash.

Considering there’s hardly an online version of the game available, the chances of finding a mobile version are slim to none. There are no results for Crystal Gems on the App Store or Google Play.


All things considered, Crystal Gems is a really nice slot game. The design of the game is, overall, very well done. It’s a bit weird that there isn’t any background music, but that could be a good thing for anyone who doesn’t enjoy a repetitive soundtrack while they spin the reels.

As far as features go, Crystal Gems has everything you could ask for in a modern slot game. There is a cool bonus free spins round which has some great added features, there is a wild symbol, and of course, there are plenty of big win opportunities. One key feature that this game is missing—although it may not be of any interest to many people—is the ability to toggle the number of active paylines.

But at the end of the day, Crystal Gems is an aesthetically pleasing slot game that provides you with a cool bonus round and great opportunities for big payouts—what more do you really need in a slot game?

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