Spell of Odin Slot Game

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Players who enjoy myths about gods and goddesses will surely be thoroughly entertained and amused by the Spell of Odin, as they journey on their own quest for riches.

Setup of the Game and How It Works

5 reels and 3 rows are featured in this slot game. As the theme of this game is Norse mythology, the 13 symbols available consist of 3 goddess symbols, a Viking ship, a gold ring, a rearing horse, an Ace, a King, a Queen, a Jack, a 10, a Wild symbol and a Bonus symbol. The main Goddess symbol is a depiction of the valkyrie Sigrifa whereas the Wild symbol is a depiction of Odin.

Wild appears mainly on reel 3 and is a substitute for all symbols except for the Bonus symbol. If there is a full stack of Odin on reel 3, the Odin Wild symbol can duplicate itself on another reel.

The 3 goddess symbols offer the highest payouts, with the main goddess, Sigrifa, paying out 800x the line bet if there are 5 of a kind on the same line. 3 Bonus symbols scattered anywhere on the reel pays out 1x the total bet, and also reward players free spins in a bonus round.

Spell of Odin can be played online for both real cash and for free. In both versions, players are able to bet a minimum of 1 line to a maximum of 25 lines. In the free version, players can bet anywhere from 1 to 20 chips per line with a chip value from anywhere between 0.01 to 0.20. This translates to a minimum bet of 0.01 chip and a maximum bet of 4.00 chips. All wins play left to right, except for scatter. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total winning bet and added to the winnings of each line.

The version that can be played for real money is similar. Players can bet anywhere from $0.01 to $4.00 per line. This translates to a minimum bet of $0.01 and a maximum bet of $100.00 per spin.

Bonus Rounds

Spell of Odin by 2X2 Gaming offers a complex bonus round system. 3 Bonus symbols scattered anywhere will trigger the bonus round. During the bonus round, players are able to choose from one of the following 3 options for the 12 free spins that they are awarded:

  • Option 1: the payout for all wins during the free spin is tripled
  • Option 2: the free spin is played with different reel strips that increases the frequency of both the odin feature, otherwise known as the Wild feature, and the free spin re-trigger
  • Option 3: full stacks of Odin will result in 2X the payout and two Odin stacks will result in 4X the payout

Once players choose an option, changes cannot be made.

Paired with the Wild feature that appears solely on reel 3, it’s easy for players to win big during the bonus rounds.

Game Features

Spell of Odin is quite an interesting game, as the background music is quite dramatic when the reel is playing. Paired with the beautiful artwork, the background music will keep players entertained and will keep their eyes on the reel.

The drawings on each symbol are absolutely breathtaking although the background of the reel looks relatively simple, and like a chest. The reel is opaque and not transparent at all, so players can stay focused on the game.

About the Norse God Known as Odin

The Spell of Odin features Odin, a highly revered god in Norse mythology. Odin is the father of Thor, who is the God of Thunder. His story revolves around a quest that assists Vikings in their search for riches. Odin’s quest is very appropriate for this slot game, as Odin assists players in landing jackpots and winning big.

The other characters in the symbol, like the valkyrie Sigira, come from a tale retold from a collection of poems known as the Poetic Edda. The Poetic Edda is a piece of literature compiled in the 13th century from traditional sources that reach as far back as the pagan period.

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