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Maybe you’ll remember an old show, made in the 1950’s called The Honeymooners. Starring Jackie Gleason, the show featured a couple of blue collar laborers trying out various unsuccessful “get rich quick” schemes that ultimately only succeeded in angering the lead characters wives. It was an extremely popular TV sitcom during the time period in which it aired, although many of today’s video slot enthusiasts aren’t old enough to remember the show or its zany cast of characters. Nonetheless, 2×2 Gaming has produced a slot game based on this old franchise, and references to an old show aside, it has become fairly popular among online slot communities.

In-Game References

It’s difficult to enjoy a game that features clips from an old TV show without having some context about the show. Ralph Kramden, a bus driver and his best friend Ed Norton, a sewer worker, concoct schemes to get rich and fail hilariously, much to their wives dismay. Truthfully, if the show were on today in its original format, it wouldn’t age very well due to the seemingly constant references to domestic violence. When Ralph is angry with his wife he issues vaguely threatening lines that fans of the show will recognize: “One of these days, Alice”, “to the moon” and “Pow! Right in the kisser.” The bonuses in the slot game trigger clips from the show, so it’s fairly important that players familiarize themselves with the shows themes and characters.

2×2 Reinvents The Honeymooners

Just because the show wouldn’t be received the same way today doesn’t mean the slot game based off of it isn’t entertaining, and 2×2 gaming does a great job reinventing it. First, the developers take a sort of cartoonish spin on the show, which gives it a fresh new look, and the crisp graphics have contributed to the game becoming a popular one in video slot circles.

Key Features of The Honeymooners Slot

The Honeymooners is a classic 5 by 3 reel sot with 20 fixed paylines. The symbols on the reels are traditional, made up of classic poker cards and icons from the show. There are icons of the 4 main characters: Ralph, Ed, and the respective wives of the two men, as well as icons related to the show.

Scatters are the purple “Bonus” icon, and only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. If a player gets three scatters on a single spin it triggers a win. Wild symbols are the show’s logo and can represent any other symbol besides the TV symbol and the scatter symbol. These icons only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5.

You can bet anywhere from .2 credits to 20 per reel and the maximum multiplied win is 500 times your bet. As you can see, the basic gameplay of The Honeymooners is a lot like many 5 reel slots from many different software developers. It’s the bonuses that set it apart from the competition.

TV Bonus Round

This is where The Honeymooners gets interesting. When 2 TV symbold appear anywhere on reels 2 and 4, the player is awarded a chance at a bonus round, randomly chosen from a selection of clips that references some of the original shows most memorable moments. In these rounds, winning is easier and overall payouts are multiplied, leading to a hefty shot to win big.

Players can also get free spins during basic play, triggered by the “Bonus” symbol lining up 3 times on reels 2 through 4.

How and Where Can You Play The Honeymooners Slot?

2×2, the developer of the The Honeymooners slot, made it available for instant play as well as on various casino sites for real money. Here are some the sites you can find this slot online:

  • GoWild Casino
  • Mr Green Casino
  • BetVictor Casino
  • Joy Casino
  • Video Slots Casino
  • Casino X
  • Guts Casino

And many more: there is certainly no shortage of ways and places to find The Honeymooners online.

The Bottom Line

All in all, even if you don’t get the references or have ever heard of the show, as it’s rapidly growing older and more obscure, the game is entertaining. You may not understand some of the inspiration for the games features, but you’ll surely enjoy the chances to win that it gives you.

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