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Go on a magical voyage with Sinbad and earn more riches than what can be imagined. This Middle Eastern-themed slot game is brought to players by 2X2 Gaming, and features Sinbad, as the main character. Players are brought to a world filled with magical creatures, pirates and riches, and can enjoy an unforgettable adventure, as they spin their way to their own riches in this simple, yet unique slot game.

Figuring Out How the Game Works

The Voyages of Sinbad is perfect for slot players who are on a low budget. This free and paid 5-reel, 3-row slot game allows players to bet anywhere from 1 to 20 lines. $0.01 is the minimum that can be bet per line. The maximum that can be bet per line is set at a mere $0.10. At a maximum of $0.10 per line and 20 lines, the maximum bet for each spin is only $2! Best of all, the return to player (RTP) for this slot game is set at a whopping 95.05%! Players don’t have to bet a lot to win it big, as the chances of landing a winning spin are still relatively high.

One of the most surprising feature of this game is that some symbols will pay out a prize even if there are only 2 in a row. Most games usually require there to be 3 in a row. This unique feature gives players even more of a chance to land a winning spin.

All of the symbols in this game come from the tales of Sinbad. There are no low value symbols like Kings and Queens, so players get an uninterrupted adventure with each spin.Some of the symbols that can be found in this game include a Voyages of Sinbad symbol, a mysterious lady, a minotaur, a seahorse, an eagle, a gold compass, a bag of gold coins and a temple.

Players want to keep an eye out for the Voyages of Sinbad symbol, as it offers the largest payout at 2,000x the line bet when there are 5 in a row. With a maximum line bet of $0.10, players can net $200 from a winning spin! Whoever the mystery lady is, she’s also not a bad catch, as 5-of-a-kind will win players 1,000 their line bet, or $100! All of this is from just a mere bet of $0.10. That’s insane in comparison to many other slot games out there.

Understanding the Bonuses Offered

Unfortunately, the Voyages of Sinbad falls short on expectations in terms of providing players with a new and exceptional experience during the bonus rounds although the potential for winning big in the bonus round is quite high.

Instead of offering a separate game, the Voyages of Sinbad offers only one type of bonus: the Portrait of Sinbad symbol. This symbol counts as both a wild, a scatter and a free spin symbol. It’s fitting since Sinbad is the main character after all!

As a wild symbol, the Portrait of Simbad can be used to replace any other symbol except for the mystery scatter symbol during free spins. Multiple Portrait of Sinbad symbols scattered anywhere on the reel will net players a multiplier on their total bet in accordance to the paytable, and 3 or more Portrait of Sinbad symbols will award players with 12 free spins that come with a 2x multiplier. The free spins can be re-triggered with yet another 3 or more Portrait of Sinbad symbols scattered across the reel. This means that the free spins could potentially go on indefinitely with many lines receiving multipliers on the initial line bet for players to win an even larger prize.

About Sinbad the Sailor

Sinbad the Sailor is the hero of the tale known as The Thousand and One Nights. These stories were based on real experiences of merchants from Basra, now known as Iraq, from 750 to 850 AD.

His stories are captivating tales of his adventures on seven voyages, and the structure of each tale is relatively similar. In each famous tale, Sinbad gets marooned after setting ship from Basra and encounters an incredibly dangerous journey before being able to return home with a fortune of his own via his own resourcefulness and luck. He meets many friends and enemies, and even magical creatures like minotaurs.

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