Wild Birthday Blast Online Slot

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The whole slot game is an extravagant and huge birthday celebration, as bold birthday decorations and themes are shoved in players’ faces throughout the entire game.

Setup of the Game and How It Works

The setup of this slot game is relatively simple. There are 5 reels and 3 rows. Players can bet anywhere from 1 to 30 lines. There are 13 symbols in this game. They include a Wild symbol, a Free Spin Bonus symbol, 5 party guests, which include an elephant, a bear, a hyena, a giraffe and a parrot, a gift box as a mystery symbol an Ace, a King, a Queen, a Jack and a 10. The Wild symbol can be substituted for any symbol other than the Free Bonus symbol, and appears on reel 2, 3, 4 and 5 only. All winning combinations must appear from left to right, and only the highest win is paid for each active line.

The elephant party guest offers the highest payout. A line with 5 elephant guest symbols will net players 1,250x the line bet.

There is also a variable mystery symbols that appears as a game feature during each spin. The mystery symbol will reveal itself as any other symbol, except for the Wild symbol and the Free Spin Bonus symbol, and players will be paid according to the paytable.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

The Wild Birthday Blast slot game can be played with both real money and with game credits. Players can bet anywhere from 1 to 10 chips per line with a minimum chip value of $0.01 and a maximum chip value of $0.20 if the game is being played for real money. If the game is being played with game credits, the coin value ranges from 0.01 to 0.20.

This means that the minimum bet that a player can make is $0.01 per spin if they are betting on only one line and are only using a single coin with a value of $0.01. The maximum bet that players can make is $60.00 if they are betting 10 chips per line on all 30 lines with a chip value of $0.20.

Players can win a jackpot of $75,000 if they bet the maximum amount possible on a line with 5 elephant party guest symbols. This amount is doubled to $150,000 if the win happened during a free spin.

Bonus Rounds

It’s definitely a birthday celebration with all of the bonus rounds that are offered in the Wild Birthday Blast slot game. Players can enjoy two different bonus rounds: the Free Spins Bonus and the Surprise Party Bonus.

The Free Spins symbol triggers the Free Spin Bonus. The symbols can be scattered anywhere on the reel. 5 symbols will net players 20 free spins. 4 symbols will net players 15 free spins, and 3 symbols will net players 10 free spins. All payouts are doubled during the Free Spin Bonus, and the free spins can be re-triggered.

The Surprise Party Bonus is awarded randomly throughout the game. When triggered, a second screen appears, and players can choose between one of four doors. A party guest is behind each door, and will give players a bonus prize. Certain doors even have multiple party guests behind them, and will award players multiple prizes.

With these bonus rounds, it’s easy for players to get huge payouts and jackpots throughout the entire game.

Game Features

The Wild Birthday Blast slot game is a lot of fun. The graphics and cartoons are quirky and cute, and every spin definitely feels like a celebration. The entire theme is carried out throughout the entire game with party guests looking as if they’re readying for a good time. Even the background behind the transparent reel is of birthday decorations.

There isn’t any background music; however, festive tunes will play during each spin. The sound of coins jingling and cheering sounds play whenever players have a winning spin. Large wins are further signified with flashing lights outlining the edges of the symbols in the winning line. Overall, this is a fun and entertaining slot game for players.

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