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  • Established - 1993
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Amatic Industries GmbH – Review, Free Games & History

Amatic Industries is a unique company among its competition in the gaming arena. While many gaming companies focus only on developing the gameplay itself and letting their software speak for itself, Amatic has made its name primarily with the production and design of hardware on which a diverse range of casino games can be played.

This includes gaming terminals in brick and mortar casinos, as well as gaming systems that are designed to help the flow of data in casinos, both online and in person.

This has placed Amatic Industries as a gaming group practically on their own tier, as a producer of not only popular games and gaming software, but the actual machines on which the company’s popular games are often played. Here is a summary and review of Amatic Industries products and stature in the gaming market, both online and within the walls of physical, brick and mortar casinos.

The History of Amatic Industries

Amatic was founded in Austria in 1993, which partially explains why the company specializes in both hardware and software. Back when the gaming sector was made up of games with the consoles on which to play them, they were produced in one package, different than what we see from newer companies who got into the market after individual software was more commonly sold.

One year after its founding, Amatic Industries became a true innovator in the global casino market. Where players had previously had to use a separate gaming cabinet for different slot and video casino games, the company introduced Amatic “Multi Game”, systems that enabled players to play any of the company’s gaming products from one cabinet. This ensured Amatic’s steady place in the gaming market, and allowed them to spread throughout Europe and eventually worldwide.

As the company approached the 2000s, its Austrian board changed the name slightly to “Amatic Industries GbmH”, as it’s known today. Amatic now produces slot games, virtual table and classic casino games, physical roulette and video slot consoles and software that makes it easier for casino managers to run the day to day operations of their business. In this way, Amatic has truly become an innovator all facets of the gambling industry, both in physical casinos and in the online gaming sphere.

Where and How Are Amatic’s Games Played?

All of Amatic’s Multi Games are available to be played for free online. These games are instant play and can be accessed from practically any browser on any (recent) operating system with no download required, so in this case, “instantly” means about the time it takes to load a game for play.

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t give players the option to play for real money, but luckily for enthusiasts of Amatic’s gaming products, its games are available at numerous online casinos, to be played with real money. Here are some of the most popular online casinos that have some of Amatic’s slot games available:

  • Goldenstar Casino
  • Loki Casino
  • mBit Casino
  • Fortune Jack Casino
  • BitStarz Casino
  • Karl Casino

Please note that by seeking Amatic’s games at any of these casinos, you’ll be bound to each of their individual terms and agreements and that they may not all be legal in your country. While real money deposits are available with which to play Amatic games, the currency and stipulations on withdrawals and deposits are unique to the different casino sites. Happy playing!

Amaticcasino.com also claims that EVERY Amatic Industries game is available on a mobile platform, which is helpful to players that want to play for fun on the go without having to join an online casino and play the games through its individual application.

Amatic Gameplay

Most players know Amatic Industries from their diverse range of slots, under the innovative Multi Game title. True casino devotees know that Amatic also makes multi-player Roulette consoles and gaming cabinets, which can be found in casinos around the world.

Amatic makes a diverse array of slot games, available online and on their signature Multi Game consoles, to be played for real money if players choose/ when available or for fun as well online.

Some of Amatic Industries’ most popular animated video slot games include Eye of Ra, Wild Shark, and Wolf Moon. The company also produces the Amanet software on which the Multi Games are played online, meaning that Amatic has complete control over the quality of their games. Also included under the Multi Game umbrella are video versions of popular casino games such as Poker, Blackjack and Roulette, among other selections.

Here is a taste of some of Amatic’s better known video slots and what they have to offer a player, whether you prefer to play for fun or with an online casino for real stakes.

Eye of Ra

As the name suggests, Eye of Ra is another in a long line of popular games with an Ancient Egyptian theme. Although it’s a classic 5 reel slot, eye of Ra has paylines that don’t tend to follow a standard 3 by 5 slot format, because the columns are varying sizes: the middle reel has 5 icon slots and the reels to the outsides have 4 and 3 in both directions, respectively.

Eye of Ra follows the classic poker card value hierarchy, with scatters and wilds allowing for big bonuses when played. There is also a high potential to win. I played about 10 spins in the game’s free version having bet 10 coins per spin, and found myself able to win at least half the time, including a wild bonus that gave me 5 bonus spins, during which I won 308 additional coins.

Eye of Ra also has the “gamble” feature that’s growing in popuarity among slot games, in which a player has an option to collect their winnings are multiply it pending the result of a simple card guessing game, which adds another element to the gameplay.

Wild Shark

Wild Shark transports players to an underwater paradise where they can truly enjoy this classic 5 reel by 4 row slot game. Arguably Amatic’s most popular game, Wild Shark is a straightforward game with different symbols being assigned different worths, but the real draw is the game’s enormous potential for winning. With 50 paylines, players can string together multiple wins at a time, and of course Amatic once again includes the “gamble” feature for players wishing to risk their winnings in a game of luck.

After just a few spins, I could easily see why Wild Shark is so popular in casinos worldwide. It was easy to pick up, uncomplicated, the animations and aesthetics of the gameplay were pleasing to the eye, and I found that winning was almost suspiciously easy.

Wolf Moon

Of course, no popular slot game collection is complete without one that reminds the player of a country western setting, a la Aristocrat’s enormously famous Buffalo franchise. Wolf Moon fulfills gamblers’ and gamers’ with another attractive game with an absurd number of paylines, and wild symbols to increase the odds of winning.

Of course, Amatic adds the “gamble” feature on this game as well, showing that it’s no accident that we’re seeing it more and more on some of the most popular games in casinos worldwide.

Other Multi Games

A summary of Amatic’s entire gaming suite leaves a player satisfied with the selection available from the company. Some of this may speak to the Amanet software that powers the online versions of these slots. Sometimes, online slots just don’t seem to pack the same punch as the in-person versions, but Amatic really seems to have put the effort in to make the free, online versions of their video slot, poker and casino games as satisfying as the real things.

The Bottom Line: Amatic Industries

While some gaming companies start to produce lower quality output when they diversify into different settings and product types, Amatic doesn’t seem like they have joined these ranks, despite being responsible for, frankly, a ridiculous number of products in different facets of the casino industry.

Amatic Industries consistently gets high marks for their consoles, gaming cabinets and roulette booths, as well as their casino management software. In addition, I can personally attest to the fact that their actual casino games are well-designed and run as smoothly as if the player were sitting in front of an actual slot machine in a world-class casino. In conclusion, a slot enthusiast who is coming to encounter Amatic Industries for the first time, in my opinion, will have a lot to be impressed with among the company’s entire line of games and gaming products.

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