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There are few slots more appropriately named than All Ways Win, by Amatic Gaming. This is what’s commonly known as an “All Ways” slot, sometimes called a “243 Ways” slot, which are a favorite among a very specific audience of slot enthusiasts.

243 Ways slots aren’t very common, and when they are, the lack of a wide variety of options (like in standard slots) make them sort of a gamble, if you’ll excuse the pun. Some underwhelm, while others rise to the top of the competition. In my opinion after playing it, All Ways Win by Amatic Gaming is definitely one of the latter, and makes its case to be considered one of the very best 243 Ways slots out there.

Without further ado, here is a review of the 243 Ways slot, All Ways Win.

First, What are 243 Ways Slots?

243 Ways slots or All Ways slots as they are commonly called, eliminate the need for paylines. What this means is that anywhere that symbols line up on the reels can be a win if the symbol appears on 3 or more consecutive reels. This means that number of iterations on winning combinations totals 243, hence the name.

Effectively, every symbol is scatter symbol. On standard, 5 reel slot machines, scatter symbols can appear anywhere on a reel and count for that reel as part of a payline. Since 243 Ways slots don’t have paylines, every symbol counts anywhere on any reel. Make sense? Good.

How and Where Can You Play All Ways Win?

Amatic, known more for their casino hardware than their games, nonetheless has a fairly large gaming library that you’ll find in various places to play for free online (at least for a limited number of spins) as well as a number of online casinos. Some of the latter are listed below:

  • Oshi Casino
  • Adler Casino
  • All British Casino
  • Betchan Casino
  • BitStarz Casino
  • Free Spins Casino
  • Megastars Casino
  • Omni Slots
  • Princess Win Casino

This gaming license varies between Malta, the UK and Curacao for the casinos listed, so Amatic games are heavily used by players in the UK and throughout Europe, as well as scattered in various other regions of the world.

All Ways Win Key Features

All Ways Win is a pretty standard 243 Ways slot, it’s the graphics and bonus features that make it stand out. The first thing you’ll notice after loading this video slot is that the developer makes a pretty clear attempt at sticking with a Retro, 2D theme. Although some of the images and icons have 3 dimensional aspects in the shading and animation, this game takes a very “early age of computers” look to the next level, which is something to appreciate. What isn’t retro, however, is how smooth the graphics and mechanics are of this game, which is also a plus for the player.

Without the need for scatters or wild symbols, this game is very straightforward, especially if you’ve played a 243 Ways slot before. There isn’t much major variation between the different options, but this one has a few features that make it stand out. In All Ways Win, there are your standard icons on the reels, but “Bonus” boxes and “2X” multipliers can enhance the amount of any one win. Something you don’t usually see in All Ways slots is a “gamble” options where players enter a card suit or color guessing game if they want to multiply their winnings.

Bets are allowed to range in intervals between 1 credit per spin and 500 credits for spin, but for real money players, you’d better be ready to pony up the big bucks to prompt any substantial wins.

The Bottom Line: All Ways Win

243 Ways slots are not for the faint of heart: if you’re going to play them, you’d better have the money to stake in order to win big. That being said, however, All Ways Win is an engaging slot that can yield big wins and big entertainment with a retro feel.

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