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Watch as the phoenix rises up from the fire and the ashes with Arising Phoenix, a fire-themed slot game by Amatic. This 5 by 4 slot game has a simple red background design to it, but don’t overlook it just because of that.

You’ll be amazed by the stunning beauty of the artwork of the symbols . You’ll fall in love with the red-haired lady who is the main character of this game, and you’ll come to adore the majestic phoenix. This simple slot game doesn’t feature any background music and the only sound effects you’ll hear is the whirring of the mechanical gears of each spin. Even so, the bonus feature of this game makes it worth playing.

Game Setup and Design

This slot game is set so that you can bet on either 10, 20, 30, or 40 lines. The symbols include a red-haired lady, a ruby ring, a blue feather, a red flower and a phoenix. The phoenix is the wild symbol. There are also standard playing card symbols as well.

You don’t have to be a high roller to take a spin on Arising Phoenix. You can bet a minimum of 10 credits and a maximum of 1,000 credits in both the free and paid version.

Since the gameplay is relatively straightforward and simple, set the game to autoplay if you’re aiming to land a jackpot in the Free Spin Bonus.

Consistency Is Key to Spinning Again

Although the design of Arising Phoenix is quite simple, the Free Spin Bonus is a bit unique. You’ll be awarded free spins if you are able to get 4 of the same symbols on reel 1 and a wild symbol anywhere on the board. You can keep on spinning the reel if you get either an extra wild symbol or an extra of the same symbol on any of the reels during the free spins. Ideally, you would continue to either get the same symbol or the wild symbol until the entire board is filled with both.

The jackpot you can take home if you manage to fill the entire board with both wild symbols and the red-haired lady symbols is ridiculous. The amount you can win will depend on the amount you bet. However, if you bet 1,000 credits on the initial spin, you’ll take home a whopping 10,000,000 credits! That’s insane!

Don’t Get Burned by the Game Feature

If you love the thrill of gambling, you can get another adrenaline rush by gambling your winnings. You can choose to either opt-in or opt-out of this feature for each winning spin.

If you choose to opt-in for this feature, you will be taken to another screen to guess either the color or suit of the face of a mystery playing card. If you guess the color correctly, your bet will be doubled, and if you guess the suit correctly, your bet will be quadrupled. You can choose to either bet all of your winnings or only half of it. If you make an incorrect guess, you will lose your winnings from that spin and be exited from this game feature.

Depending on if you’re feeling lucky or not, you could potentially win up to 2048x your initial bet. This is if you make 8 correct guesses on the suit of the mystery cards; however, keep in mind that the chances of this happening is actually quite slim, so make sure you don’t get burned by this game feature and end up losing everything.

About the Phoenix

The phoenix is a legendary creature that first appeared in Greek mythology. It is a beautiful, majestic bird that is associated with both the sun and with fire. It basically lives forever, as it burns to ashes when it dies, but then magically rises up from its own ashes. The phoenix not only symbolizes rebirth, but has also come to represent overcoming challenges and defeating hard times.

The phoenix is a fitting character for slot games. You probably feel like you’re down most of the time; however, you only need one major win to rise back up from your losses and leave with a sizeable jackpot.

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