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If the Internet were a brain, cats would be the nucleus accumbens, releasing happy dopamine bursts whenever necessary. There are cats snuggling children, cats snuggling dogs, cats getting their heads stuck in boxes and kittens declaring “Nom Nom Nom” to distract us from depressing political news. Amatic attempts to exploit our feline love with their Diamond Cats slot game. But whether they are successful in appealing to cat people is questionable due to the game’s incomplete feel and lack of commitment to the Diamond Cat theme.


Diamond Cats is a five-reel, three-row game available in free or paid modes. The limited demo game shuts down after an unstated number of spins.

Though are twenty paylines, adjusting them proves confusing. The maximum instantly switches to eleven when one tries to modify the bet, and doesn’t allow betting on more than eleven lines unless one exits and reenters the game.

Located in a tiny question mark icon at the top left part of the screen, the paytables are unnecessarily difficult to find.

Individual spins are triggered by the Start button. Auto spins are activated with the Auto Start icon. These spins are not customizable, playing indefinitely until the player runs out of money or stops them. Confusingly, stopping the spins isn’t achieved by clicking the Stop button, but rather selecting Auto Start a second time.


Diamond Cats’ symbols further confuse the game’s theme. While there are six symbols of cats with bejeweled necklaces, none of those gems are diamonds. And there are no diamond symbols.

The most valuable symbol is the Bonus Spins. It provides the highest payouts and starts the bonus game when three or more Bonus Spins appear on the reels. A Heart serves as the wild card, substituting for all symbols other than the Bonus Spins.

The next most valuable symbol is a crowned woman holding a cat. Again, no diamonds here. The six mostly long-haired cats provide the next highest payouts, while the playing card values—from 10 to A—pay the least.

Wins occur when at least three consecutive matching symbols align from left to right on a payline, starting from the first reel. The only exception is the Bonus Spins symbol, which can appear anywhere on the reels, at least three times, to earn a win.


Three or more Bonus Spins prompts the Free Spins game. The player begins with 10 free spins and can gain more spins if those Bonus symbols show up three times during the bonus game. Every wild card that appears during a free spin is held in place for the remainder of the feature, often resulting in the slot’s largest payouts.

Diamond Cats also has a gambling feature, though there’s no mention of it in the information window. After a win, the player may choose to collect the bounty or click the Gamble button. Gambling occurs in a new window that prompts the player to guess a card’s suit or color. Guessing the right color doubles the winnings, while picking the correct suit quadruples the payout.


The symbols are simple in appearance to the point they resemble public domain images. The winning payline animation is limited to a zooming in and out of the image.

Several different tunes play upon payouts, but there is no soundtrack music during the spins. The game’s only song is the jazzy intro piece that ends with a fake-sounding meow. Otherwise, there isn’t a single meow in this cat-theme slot game.


Diamond Cat slots has no diamonds nor a single genuine cat sound effect. There’s a flaw in the customization of the paylines. The information window is nearly hidden and is missing information about one of the game’s bonus features. The graphics are outdated and some of the buttons are confusing. In all, the game seems like it was released before it was finished. Though the bonus features provide big payouts.

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