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Hot 27 slots by Amatic is a by-the-numbers game bereft of bonus rounds and unique payouts. Its graphics and sound are outdated, even by Amatic’s standards. The ease of gameplay and lack of complexity may appeal to brand new gamers, but seasoned slot players will go elsewhere.


Hot 27 slot has a classic three-reel, three-row structure, resulting in 27 paylines (presumably the second element in the title). It’s available in free and paid modes for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Though, to note, the free demo shuts down after 20 spins.

The paylines and total bet are more easily adjusted by clicking the “Bet” field rather than through the “Line” and “Bet” buttons. Single spins are activated with the Start button, while Auto Start starts and stops automatic spins.

The help screen has issues common to most Amatic games, as it is nearly hidden in a tiny icon in the far upper left corner of the screen, and missing any information on the gambling feature.


The low definition symbols will be recognizable to even the most casual slot players. They are as follows:

  • Cherries – 2x total bet
  • Oranges – 2x total bet
  • Lemons – 2x total bet
  • Plums – 2x total bet
  • Two bars – 16x total bet
  • Three bars – 16x total bet
  • Two bells – 20x total bet
  • Seven – 40x total bet

There’s little variety to the payouts, with the fruits all paying the same and the two sets of bars producing identical wins.

Hot 27 has a wild star that substitutes for all the other symbols, producing 50% higher payouts. There are no scatter symbols, nor free spins in the game.

Payouts occur when three consecutive matching symbols (or wilds) line up from left to right, from the first reel to the third.


Hot 27’s features are very limited and poorly detailed in the information section. The game’s lone unique payout happens if the same symbol appears in all nine fields. This results in a 2x multiplier on the winnings. Whether wild symbols are allowed amongst those nine, the game does not disclose.

The gambling game, which the information screen ignores, is available after every win. A player can risk his or her winnings by guessing a facedown card’s color or suit. Selecting the right color results in a doubling of one’s winnings, while picking the correct suit quadruples the payout. An incorrect choice at any time results in the forfeiture of the winnings. The game does not state whether the player can gamble indefinitely until a loss, or if there’s a limit.


Though Hot 27 slot has no free spins or other bonus features, it does have decent payouts. Unlike most current video slots, this game doesn’t have any payouts that are less than the total bet. The wild symbol also appears in all reels, including the first, which helps create more wins. (Though, curiously, there’s no mention of what happens when wild symbols appear three times on a payline.) So while there may be fewer wins and fewer combinations, the resulting payouts are respectable.

As previously mentioned, the graphics and audio seem to be from another decade, which wouldn’t be as much of an issue if there were other features to counter the low quality and gameplay problems. The sound effects are repetitive and minimal while the animation is limited to reel spins and cartoon flames on winning combinations.

The familiarity of the symbols and 3×3 screen may appeal to casual players. Gamers who are willing to overlook the lack of features and other hiccups, in favor of the decent payout quantities should also find this slot game to be of momentary interest. Discerning and experienced slot players will likely gamble elsewhere.

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