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Hot Star is filled classic, retro slot game symbols, and is named after its unique bonus feature – the hot star symbol. This 3-row, 5-reel slot game is simple, but fun. The graphics have more of an old school vibe to them, and the sound effects mimic classic slot games. There are no animations, and there are no special sound effects or background music. There’s just the whirring of mechanical gears as the reels spin.

Designed by Amatic, Hot Star is a rising star in the slot game world. Although it’s simple in design and structure, it is a solid game, and classic slot games have been coming back in style lately.

Bets and Payouts

Amatic designs their game for all slot game players. To include both conservative betters and big spenders, there’s usually a huge discrepancy between the minimum and maximum amount that you can bet on each line.

Hot Star, in particular, is designed to meet the needs of more conservative betters. If you’re strapped for cash and would like to keep each hand rather small, you can bet on only a single line for each spin. Your line bet can be as low as just 1 game credit. That won’t even put a dent on your wallet. There’s a maximum of 10 playable lines and the most you can bet on each line is 50 game credits. This means that the most you can bet on each spin is 500 game credits. That’s not a lot compared to many other slot games. If you bet the maximum amount allowable for each spin, you can still quickly go through quite a lot of game credits within a relatively short period of time.

Game Symbols and Bonus Features That Can Be Triggered

Hot Star has a classic, retro feel to it. The symbols in this game is similar to Fortuna’s Fruits. There’s a 7 symbol, a watermelon symbol, a lemon symbol, an orange symbol, a plum symbol, a grape symbol and a cherries symbol. There’s also a star symbol that is engulfed in flames. This symbol is also the wild symbol and can be used to replace any other symbol on the board.

The winning combinations of Hot Star pay out quite well. A complete row of 7 symbols will result in a payout of 250x the line bet. The cherry, which is the lowest paying value, will reward you with 5x the line bet if you get 3 of them in a row. With these relatively high payouts, Hot Star is definitely worth playing.

The symbols for this game are quite big, and the reels take up almost the entire screen. This makes this game perfect for older slot players.

Trigger the Bonus with Just One Star

If the star symbol appears on the board, all neighbouring symbols will also turn wild. If you have more than one star symbol on the board, you can easily create a lot of winning spins and combinations. This is the only bonus feature in this game, which is a tad disappointing. However, the lack of low value symbols more than make up for it because it’s extremely easy to land a winning spin.

If the wild symbol lands on reel 3, you can easily make winning combinations that contain 4 or 5 symbols.

Take a Chance and Strike It Rich

Like many other Amatic slot games, such as Big Panda, Admiral Nelson and Fortuna’s Fruits, you can further increase your winnings for each spin by taking a chance with the gamble feature. You can choose whether or not you want to gamble your winnings after you win each spin. There is no penalty for deciding not to participate.

If you decide that you’re feeling lucky and would like to risk some of your winnings, you can choose to either bet either half of your winnings or all of it. The gamble feature is based solely on luck. You can choose to either guess the color or the suit of the face of a mystery playing card. If you get the color right, you’ll double your initial bet. If you’re looking for an even larger gamble, you can guess the suit of the card. Correct guesses will quadruple your initial bet.

At most, you can win only 8 consecutive wins before you’ll be forced to leave this bonus feature. An incorrect guess will also end this feature as well.

Overall Thoughts and Ratings

Hot Star is nothing special. It’s just a solid standard slot game like the ones that you would find in a casino. The payouts are what makes playing this game worth it. However, if you enjoy playing slot games for their intricate bonus rounds, this isn’t the game for you.

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