Hot Twenty Slot Game

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The Hot Twenty Slot Game by Amatic is one of the most classic slot games out there. Although it doesn’t boast a lot of the extra bonus features and rounds that are offered by many of the newer slot games, it offers high payouts and only a few symbols, which makes it incredibly easy to land a winning spin. The 5-reel, 3-row reel design is pretty standard, so there’s no surprises there. If you would like to take a spin on a retro, classic slot game, the Hot Twenty Slot Game is the perfect game to start with.

Simplicity Trumps It All

The Hot Twenty Slot Game is known for its simplicity. It has a design and setup similar to other Amatic games like the Hot Seven Slot Game and Bells on Fire. There aren’t many symbols in this game. There’s only the usual slot game symbols like a watermelon, a grape, a plum, cherries, an orange and a lemon. There are also two bonus symbols in this game, which include:

  • A scatter star symbol, which pays out for the amount of symbols that are found on the board rather than the amount of symbols that are present in a row on an active payline
  • A wild 7 symbol, which can be used to substitute any other symbol except for the scatter star symbol

There are 20 possible paylines in this game, which is a decent amount. Beginner slot game players can start off with just a few paylines and work their way up when they feel more confident.

One of the main features of this game is that most of these symbols appear multi-stacked in each reel. This makes it easy to land several winning combinations in each spin.

The Perfect Game for Beginners

The Hot Twenty Slot Game is the perfect game for beginners and for conservative betters. You can play for free and with real money. You can bet anywhere from 1 coin to 5 coins on each line. At the very most, you can only bet 100 coins on each spin. That’s only if you max out on the line bet and the amount of lines that can be played.

The two bonus symbols offer the highest payout. If you bet 100 coins per spin, you could win 50,000 if 5 scatter star symbols appear on the board and 5,000 if 5 wild 7 symbols appear in a row on an active payline. The next highest payout is for 5 watermelon symbols in an active payline. This will net you 2,000 coins.

The Lucky Number 7

There aren’t many bonus features or rounds in this game. However, if you happen to land all 7 symbols on the board, you take home the jackpot. For a spin of 100 coins, you’ll win a whopping 100,000 coins.

Enjoy the Usual Gamble Feature Offered by Amatic

Almost all Amatic slot games offer a gamble feature. The Hot Twenty Slot Game is no exception. After each winning spin, you can choose to take a risk and gamble either some or all of your winnings from the spin in order to walk away with a lot more.

You can double your bet if you guess the correct color and you can quadruple your bet if you guess the correct suit. Best of all, you can continue to gamble your winnings until you’ve made 8 consecutive guesses or until you’ve made an incorrect guess. If you’re able to make several consecutive guesses in a row, you can increase your winnings by a substantial amount.

A Better Look at the Game Features

The Hot Twenty Slot Game is as simple as it gets. There’s just a simple dark background behind the reels. You shouldn’t expect any extras like interesting or thrilling background music. There are some sound effects, which mostly consist of the whirring of the mechanical gears as the reels are being spun, and the sound of coins jingling when there’s a winning line.

The Hot Twenty Slot Game can be played on both windows and Mac operating systems. It can also be played from a mobile phone.

Overall Experience

All in all, the Hot Twenty Slot Game is as simple as it gets. This makes it the perfect game for beginners, and the perfect game for players who miss the simplicity of classic slot games.

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