Lightning Hot Slot

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The Lightning Hot Slot Game is a classic game designed and developed by Amatic. It doesn’t offer much in terms of bonus rounds and features. The 5-reel, 3-row slot game design is quite simple and has standard slot machine symbols; however, it offers a unique in-reel multiplier feature that will definitely increase your chances of walking off with large payouts.

A Flash Look at Minimum and Maximum Bets

The Lightning Hot Slot Game offers 10 playable lines. You can bet as little as 5 coins per line to as much as 100 coins per line. If you’re a high roller, you can bet as much as 1,000 coins for each spin. If you’re just starting out, you can bet as little as 50 coins on each spin if you play all 10 lines. It’s advisable to play all 10 lines, as this will increase your chances of landing a winning spin.

Light Up the Board with These Standard Symbols

When playing the Lightning Hot Slot Game, you’ll notice that there are a lot of similarities in this game and in other games by Amatic like Bells on Fire, the Hot Twenty Slot Game and Billy’s Game. The symbols that are used in these slot games seem to be recycled from one game to another. You can expect the standard fruits symbols, which include a watermelon, a grape, a plum, an orange, cherries and a lemon.

There are also two bonus symbols in this game that is designed to help you land even larger wins. They include the wild 7 symbol, which can be used to fill in for any other symbol except for the scatter star symbol. The scatter star symbols will pay out an amount regardless of where they are on the board.

If you bet a maximum of 5 coins on all 10 playable lines and risk 50 coins per each spin, 3 scatter star symbols will pay out 100 coins whereas 4 scatter star symbols will pay out 500 coins. The jackpot comes from getting 5 scatter star symbols on the board. This pays out 2,500 coins..

Strike It Rich with the In-Reel Multipliers

One of the main features of the Lightning Hot Slot Game is that there is an in-reel multiplier. Every time that you land a winning spin, you will notice that an outline of all of the symbols will appear on the board and you will get another spin. For every matching symbol, a multiplier of 1x will be added to your winnings.

For example, if you land a winning spin with 5 oranges in one hand, your winnings will be multiplied by a certain amount. This amount is dependent on how many of the symbols match during the bonus spin. Any winning combinations that appear during this bonus spin will not be added to your total winnings. This bonus spin is merely there to determine what the multiplier will be. The multiplier can be a factor of up to 15.

Take a Risk by Gambling Your Winnings

If the in-reel multiplier feature isn’t enough, you can further increase your winnings by taking a gamble. This gamble feature is included in almost all Amatic slot games. You can increase your pot by betting half or all of your winnings on the color or suit of a mystery playing card. If you guess the color right, you’ll double your bet. On the other hand, if you take a risk and gamble on the suit of the playing card, you can quadruple your bet if you guess correctly.

This gambling feature can be quite profitable, as you’re allowed to make as many as 8 guesses as long as they’re all correct. You’ll lose everything you’ve bet if you make an incorrect guess.

Overall Experience

The Lightning Hot Slot Game can be played online. No download is required at all.

All in all, the in-reel multiplier feature makes taking a spin on the Lightning Hot Slot Game worthwhile. Other than this bonus feature, this slot game is quite simple and is quite similar to many other retro games designed by Amatic. The bonus feature easily increases how much you can potentially win with each spin.

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