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Amaya have moved away from the usual slot setup for this quirky jungle themed game. There is a 4 by 4 square for the reels, and win-lines which go vertically as well as horizontally. The graphics and sounds are fun, though not the newest – giving this slot a somewhat retro feel.

In addition to the regular wins, there is an elaborate system of scatter prizes. You will also see two maps to the side of the reels. These are used for a progressive bonus. If you get to either a waterfall or a volcano, then you win a cash prize. These games keep the action all on one screen, there is no second screen break out game for this slot.

Unusual Setup of the Amazon Adventure Slot

Having a square grid for the reels is unusual enough in itself. The usual setup is a 5×3 or 5×4 grid. You’ll need to reorient your thinking if you are used to those regular setups – as here wins can be vertical as well as from the left.

There are 10 win lines. 4 of these go horizontally across the reels. 4 more go vertically, and the remaining 2 are the diagonals.

What is more, as long as there are 3 symbols in a row, it does not matter which side the gap is (left, right, top or bottom). This might sound complex, though you’ll tune in very quickly once you start to play.

You can bet up to 5 coins per line, with a useful ‘bet max’ button available to encourage you to bet more!

Winning Combinations and up to 12 Scatters

Snakes are the best paying regular symbol. This purple coiled character is worth 2500 coins for the maximum 4 and 500 coins for 3. A leopard follows this at 1000 for 4, with a toucan (750), frog (625) and bug following those.

There are a lot of filler symbols, with 3 different colored 7’s (and a small prize for mixed) and playing card symbols on the reels. The 10 playing card is of note. This has a prize for 1 and 2 on a line as well as 3 or 4.

Sevens have a dual role. You can also get a scatter bonus depending on the total number in view. This can get large. If 12+ of the 16 spots on the reels are filled with any color of 7, you get 2500 coins. This goes all the way down to 2 coins for 5 in any position.

Map Bonus Games

You do not leave the main screen to play the two bonus games. There are 2 maps to the right of the reels, one green and the other brown. These show a small explorer guy, and a map with lines between 10 stages. At the top of one is a waterfall, and at the top of the other a volcano.

As you spin you will get bonus symbols on the reels. Bonus 1 shows a waterfall, bonus 2 shows a volcano. Each symbol will move the explorer forward on the map. When he hits the end, you will get a cash prize. While this is not the most interactive of bonuses, those extra credits are always a welcome boost!

Basic and Bright Design of the Amazon Adventure Slot

This slot is showing some signs of age, and would not win any design contests! Having said that it is bright, colorful and the layout has been well thought through.

There are no real stand out symbols, all of them are very basic, and a little too small to show much character. You will find some flickering type animations, on the reels, and brightly colored lines will show you where your winning combinations are.

Bonus maps are a little more detailed, though again small. There is an animation where the explorer walks to the next station each time. Sound effects are retro beeps – the jungle theme is for the visuals only.

Should You Go on an Amazon Adventure?

This slot is certainly different. While it feels like it comes from a different age to most Amaya slots, there are some reasons to check it out. First, the 4×4 reel grid is a change from the regular setups. Vertical win-lines will take a little getting used to! Second, the scatter wins and map bonus games add a little something new to the game.

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