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When you see the aliens, psychedelic colors and sci-fi symbols in this slot, you’ll realize that ‘Area 51’ is behind the concept. The 21 is a joke to tie in with blackjack. This slot is almost garish in design, though a lot of fun. The rich colors are complimented by space type sound effects and sharply dressed aliens.

The highlight is the 2-part free spins round. Out of the 1000’s of slots I have played over the years, this is certainly the only one where you get to play blackjack with an alien. This determines how your free spins are played out. There are plenty of regular ways to win too.

Alien Setup of the Area 21 Slot

This game uses 25 win-lines, which cross over a standard 5×3 grid. You do have the option to play fewer lines. The default is set to 25 – with 10, 5 and just 1 available. You can bet from 1c per line and up. Auto play is offered in a different format to most Amaya slots. There are arrows to add and reduce the number of free spins to the left of the controls.

Aliens, in a series of ‘far out’ poses, make up the highest paying symbols. The female alien in a bright green top has the biggest regular prize – this is worth 1000 coins for 5 of a kind. The purple guy showing a peace sign is next at 750, with another wearing red completing the set at 500 coins for 5. The other unique regular symbol is a red planet surrounded by a yellow ring.

Playing card symbols, with a distinctive sci-fi look to them, make up the smaller wins.

Wilds and Scatters

An abstract and very bright symbol is the wild. In addition to substituting for any of the regular symbols, this wild also has the single biggest win. You will get 2000 coins for 5 of a kind, 1000 for 4, 100 for 3 and 2 coins for just 2 from the left.

Scatters say, ‘Area 21’ in neon. This is a scatter symbol, paying a prize based on the total number in view. You can win up to 50x your total bet amount if you get 5 of these, with 10x for 4, 5x for 3 and 2x for just 2. Scatters also trigger the 2part bonus game, you need 3+ on the reels to do this.

Bonus Games, Blackjack and Free Spins

You start the bonus game in an alien casino. A female alien is your dealer, and you’ll see stacks of chips on a green felt table with ‘Area 21’ on it. To either side of the dealer you’ll see what you can win. Depending on the outcome of the game, you can get 25x free spins with a 5x multiplier (for a natural blackjack), or 10x spins with a 2x multiplier (if the dealer wins). Between this you get extra for beating the dealer, doubling down and splitting. Some basic blackjack strategy knowledge could be useful here!

The hands appear and you see buttons underneath to hit, stand, split and double (as applicable). Once your hand is over, you head back to the reels and play your free spins. This part is identical to the main game. The only difference is that a counter for your spins and wins sits above the reels.

Over the Top Psychedelic Design

To say that there are clashing colors and a sci-fi backdrop does not really do this slot justice. It is deliberately over the top, with a hippy vibe in places. The aliens look a little like the famous ‘greys’, though wearing make-up and crazy space suits.

Sound effects are straight out of a 1950’s B movie, with wavering UFO sounds and sequences of bleeps.

While the symbols are detailed, there is nothing too special in the design until you get to the free spins game. The casino scene is very detailed, with yet another alien dealing the cards.

Should You Check out Area 21?

I can see this slot appealing to those who like sci-fi, as well as those interested in the Area 51 / aliens topic in general. The Amaya designers really went to town on this game, making it as colorful and crazy as possible. Underneath, there is a solid slot game. The blackjack round stands out, though is really a picks round – with the main money coming from your free spins, hopefully with a big multiplier!

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