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While Arthur’s Quest 2 is definitely an upgrade on the original Arthur’s Quest slot – it is still very much a retro game. Unusually for a sequel, the game is exactly the same. What has been updated is the graphics, and in particular the colors. Compared to the plain white reels and blocky symbols of the original game, this one is vibrant (and, in places, animated).

There are still 3 bonus games, which are the same games as before. These have been improved dramatically in terms of graphics. While you play you’ll get to pull swords from a stone, choose a spell and watch dragonflies dive into a pond.

Setup of the Royal Reels

You’ll see a 5×3 grid and the same 9 win-lines as in the original version for this game. You can bet from 1c per line (9c per spin) and up. You’ll see ‘autospin’ on the right. This lets you choose a number of spins manually. Note that these will stop if you trigger any of the bonus features.

The wild features Excalibur, which is stuck in a stone. This is the highest paying symbol, worth 2500 coins for 5 of a kind, 500 for 4, 100 for 3, 20 for 2 and 2 coins for just one in the left-hand reel. There is a special tune which plays when you win with a wild (whether alone or as a substitute). This seems louder than most of the other sound effects. This wild only substitutes for 2 symbols. These are the weapons. If Excalibur joins with spears or axes, it can help create extra wins. Fortunately, these symbols are the next best paying – worth 1000 and 500 coins for 5.

Playing card symbols, which have been given some colorful medieval embellishments, make up the smaller wins.

Bonus Symbols with Familiar Faces

There are 3 different bonus symbols in play. To trigger one of the bonuses, you need to line up 3 on adjacent reels. There are multipliers in all the games for hitting 4 or 5 adjacent bonus symbols on the triggering spin.

King Arthur Bonus: This bonus sees you drawing swords from a stone. In the initial story, there was only one sword to draw (Excalibur). This time there are 10. You click on a sword, and see a multiplier (of your total spin amount). You keep picking until you hit a sword which says ‘finish’. At this point your total is multiplied by your win multiplier from the number of bonus symbols you triggered with.

Merlin Bonus: Wizards lead to a simple single pick bonus game. Here you see a spell book, with Merlin top left. You get to select one of four spells, simply by clicking on it. This will award you a number of bets – again this is combined with your win multiplier.

Guinevere Bonus: This is the simplest of the 3, and involves no interaction at all. You see a pond, complete with a frog. Dragonflies buzz around, until the frog sticks out his long tongue and eats one! This gives you a multiplier, again your win multiplier gets factored in depending on how many bonus symbols you triggered the game with.

Brighter Retro Design

Compared to the original game, the design is much bolder and brighter. There is still a castle in the background – though with more turrets. Even the controls are brightened up a little. Instead of the reels being while, these are brown. The logo above the reels now has a red flag, this ripples whenever you win.

Things that have improved include the sounds and animations. There are a lot of new sounds, including that trumpet noise for wins (and tune for Excalibur wins). Each of the main symbols has an animation. These are still very retro, though a move in the right direction!

The sword in the stone bonus game is noticeably smoother and better looking. This has King Arthur say on a horse to the left-hand side of the reels. Merlin has had a makeover for the spell picking game, though the book of spells is the same.

Should You Check Out the Return of the King-  in the Arthur’s Quest 2 Slot?

It is a close call for me between the original Arthur’s Quest and this updated version. The game is exactly the same for both. While the colors and sounds got an overhaul with version 2, it does lack that ‘so retro its’s good’ feeling you get with version 1. The animations bring this new one to life, though either game will make for an enjoyable spin. I’m looking forward to seeing version 3 soon!

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