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There is already a newer sequel for this slot – though for me the original still has some great qualities. This is set against the backdrop of a castle. The cast of characters on the reels includes a knight, a princess (presumably Guinevere) and a wizard (Merlin). There are also various weapons – including the sword Excalibur.

You will find the look dated – though the 3 bonus games will keep you entertained. These involve picks. One sees you picking a spell, another swords from a stone and the last one sees dragonflies determine your bonus. There is also a wild symbol, which helps to complete wins with the higher paying (weapon) symbols.

How to Win with the King

Like many titles from the early years of video slots, this game only has 9 win lines. There are 5 reels and 3 rows to cover with these. While this does reduce the frequency of your wins, they will be bigger. You only bet 9 coins for each spin, and you can make these coin bets bigger than for a 30+ line slot. You can bet from 1c per line, or just 9c per spin.

Excalibur, the famous sword is a welcome sight in this game. This is both the highest paying symbol and the wild. You will get 2500 coins for 5 of a kind – and win prizes all the way down to 2 from the left. As a wild symbol, this sword will substitute, though not for all the other symbols. This completes only the weapon sets. There are two of these, lances and axes. These pay 1000 coins and 500 coins for 5 of a kind.

Other symbols include a flag with a dragon on it (250 for 5), a castle (200), wizards hat (150), horse (100) and golden goblet (50). There are no playing cards or other ‘filler’ symbols in use.

3 Different Bonus Games

You will find 3 different bonus symbols, all show the characters from the story. Each of these triggers a separate bonus game.

3 of the Arthur symbols triggers a game where you see a stone covered in swords. Your task is to click on these, which will reveal a number. That is the multiple of your total spin amount that you win. You keep clicking until you get one that says finish. You get an extra multiplier for triggering this bonus with 4 or 5 symbols – rather than just the required 3.

The Merlin symbols trigger a simple game. An ancient book opens, with 4 sections visible in unreadable text. These are spells. You pick one, and get a multiplier of your total spin amount. Like the other bonuses, you can get an additional multiplier for triggering with 4 or 5 symbols.

Guinevere triggers a less interactive bonus game. Here you see a pond, with lilies in it and dragonflies floating around. These flies dive into the water, and you are awarded a bonus in the form of a multiplier of your spin amount.

None of these bonuses are particularly detailed or exciting, though you can win 20x your spin amount (plus any multipliers for hitting 4 or 5 bonus symbols).

Retro Castle Design

The word retro does not quite do the design justice. This is more of a museum piece when compared to the detailed graphics and amazing animation you’ll find in many of todays’ online slots! My view is that Arthur’s Quest has a certain charm, and that the game does not suffer from the old-style design.

Around the reels you’ll see imposing turrets of a medieval castle. There are banners on this which explain the bonus games (at least how to trigger them) and the wilds. The reels are a plain white, which allows the symbols to stand out vividly. One thing you will certainly notice is the speed of this game – much faster than the majority of online slots.

There are sound effects, for example the electronic version of medieval trumpets. Like the visuals, these do sound rather dated.

Should You Pull the Sword from the Stone and Try Arthur’s Quest?

I think this Amaya title is worth a spin despite the retro look and feel. It is entertaining enough in its own right, and has a place in the history of slot development that everyone should experience. There are 3 bonus games. While not too exciting to play, each has the potential of a decent size prize. Excalibur will also help you hit some more wins by making sets with the other weapons. Check out the original Arthur’s Quest slot, and when you are done compare it to the graphically upgraded Arthur’s Quest 2.

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