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There are a lot of Ancient Greece themed slots that you can play online. Few have the drama of the epic battle bonus game of Amaya’s Battle for Olympus. This involves animated avatars of the gods in a fierce battle to control Olympus. The result will hopefully involve a lot of credits coming your way! If you enjoy this game, you can try others on this topic in the Amaya range. These include Athena, and Thundering Zeus.

Aside from the battle bonus, you’ll find a solid and richly produced slot. What is not to like about a 3-headed dog wild that triples your wins – or scatter symbols which can pay up to 250x your bet?

Mythic Reel Setup and Line Wins

This game uses the larger 5 by 4 setup, and has 50 win-lines crossing from the left. You can adjust the number of win-lines if you wish, though the default is the full 50. You can play from 1c per line each spin and up, and choose the preset auto-play option.

Two gods are the symbols you’ll want to see on the reels. These are Zeus, who is holding a golden bolt of lightning – and Hades, surrounded by red and holding a forked spear. The prizes for lining these gods up are identical. You’ll get 2000 coins for 5, 200 for 4 and 40 coins for 2. Unusually, mixing these gods also has a payout. If you get 5 mixed gods, you get 1000 coins (with 100 for 4 and 20 for 2).

A golden chariot, winged helmet and a trident make up the remainder of the unique regular symbols. After that there are 4 playing card symbols, which make up the smaller wins.

Athena Scatters and Cerberus Wilds

Athena, the Goddess of both wisdom and war, is the scatter symbol. She will trigger a win based on your total bet size for the total amount in view – regardless of their position on the reels. If you get 5 of these, 250x your total bet is coming your way.

The 3-headed dog was a fierce creature in ancient myths. On the Battle for Olympus slot, this is a welcome sight. This is the wild symbol – it will substitute for any of the regular symbols to complete wins. When it does, those wins are multiplied by 3. This includes the top prizes for the gods. If you hit 4 Zeus symbols and a wild, then 6000 coins are coming your way.

Epic Gods Do Battle: The Bonus Feature

To trigger the battle bonus, you need to land special symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. These say ‘battle’, ‘for’ and ‘Olympus’. When you get all 3 they combine in a flash, and you go to a screen where you select your god. You can pick Hades, the god of the underworld, or Zeus.

Next you see a screen with 2 very detailed animated avatars of the gods, standing in clouds. Underneath them is a button, and a cold marker moves rapidly from left to right under it. You get 5 hits, and when you click the button your god will strike. Ideally, you want to line up the marker with your god each time – which gives you a prefect hit.

Each time your god strikes, you are awarded a random number of credits. These are added together at the end to determine your bonus. If you make 4 perfect hits, the 5th strike does not happen, instead you get a special perfect hits bonus.

Dramatic Design

Behind the reels of this slot you’ll see swirls of colored clouds. These are visible when the reels spin, as the background for the symbols is transparent. Those symbols are bold and bright, with a good mix of detail and character. My favorite is Hades, who has a look of mischief about him – as well as a dark underworld feel. The winged helmet also stands out.

The sound effects are equally dramatic, with booms of thunder and battle sounds livening up the game. During the battle bonus, the graphics and sounds really step up a level.

Should You Join the Battle Between Hades and Zeus?

If you enjoy the ancient myths type slots, then this one should be on your ‘must play’ list. The base game is simple and solid – with the 3x multiplier regularly boosting your wins. During the battle bonus, the game really comes to life, feeling more like a console game than a slot. The Battle for Olympus keeps a great balance been dramatic graphics and solid game play – check it out for yourself soon!

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