Berry Blast Slot

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This is not the newest slot in the Amaya range. In fact, it is not even the newest Berry Blast slot – a version 2 with improved graphics has already been released. Having said that, there are some good reasons to check out this retro slot – which remains an entertaining and playable game.

The theme is all berries and fruits, with bunches of grapes as the scatter symbols and cherries, apples and strawberries on the reels. There is a lot going on. In addition to the complex scatter wins matrix, you can trigger free spins, and a second screen bonus game which has 3 levels. The highest prize, for lining up 5 of the wild symbols, is an impressive 10,000 coins.

Fruity Facts: How the Berry Blast Slot Works

You’ll find 30 win-lines on this game, and the chance to bet from 1c per line (30c per spin) and up from there. There are 5 reels, each with 3 rows of symbols.

Things look complex when you first spin, there are a lot of different symbols in play. The higher paying symbols have brown backgrounds, with the lower paying symbols having purple behind.

A strawberry with eyes and a white smile is the best paying symbol. This is also a wild symbol – it will substitute for any other regular symbols to create more wins. You can win 10,000 coins for 5 strawberries on a line, with 1000 for 4, 100 for 3 and 25 coins for just 2.

There is a big jump to the next highest prize symbols. These are the apple and cherry symbols, which are worth 1000 coins for 5 of a kind. These are followed by another pair, the plum and orange, which are both worth 500 coins for the full set.

Playing cards ace, king, queen and jack have been designed to look like they were cut from slices of fruit. The melon ace symbol almost looks like it should be on a 1960’s concert poster.

White and Red Grape Scatter Symbols

You’ll find two types of scatter symbols, both are bunches of grapes. You’ll get scatter wins which vary in size depending on whether you get a group of the same color, or mixed.

5 of either bunch anywhere on the reels will get you 50x your bet, 4 are worth 20 and you get 5x for just 3. For mixed bunches, you get 15x for 5, 4x for 4 and 2x for 3.

3 Level Bonus Game and Free Spins Feature

Hitting 3 of the blueberry symbols will trigger a second screen bonus game. This starts off by showing an orange in the middle of the screen, with 4 grapes around it. The segments of the orange all have win amounts (in coins) on them, except for 1 segment which is blank.

You pick 2 of the grapes, and after each the orange will spin and the prize where the grape stops is awarded. If you get the blank, then you advance to the next level. This is a lemon bonus, with the same setup. Here you also get 2 picks (spins) and can advance to the 3rd level, which is a grapefruit.

Free spins are a mini-bonus game – rather than a full feature. If you get a free spins strawberry on reels 1 and 5 on the same spin, then you will get 3 free spins. All wins during these 3 free spins are tripled. You can’t retrigger this, or trigger the bonus game while the free spins are running.

Basic and Entertaining Fruit Design

This slot is older, and does look its age. The graphics lack the detail of anything produced in the last decade! Having said that, the overall feel is light and good-humored, with many of the berries having faces drawn on them.

Visuals are complemented by bouncing and squashed fruit type sound effects. This game sounds a lot like a children’s TV show in places. You will see small animations on the symbols – for example the grapes all fall from the bunches when there is a scatter win. The bonus game is not much better graphically. The fruit slices work so well as wheel of fortune type wheels, that I am surprised they have not been used before!

Should You Have a Blast with this Berry Themed Slot?

Judging this slot from the initial impression of the graphics would be a mistake. This is an enjoyable slot and well worth taking for a spin! The bonus game has 3 levels, with increasing rewards as you go through. Hitting the biggest win during the free spins game will see the top payout rise to 30,000 coins.

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