Bullseye Bucks Slot Game

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You will not find many free slots with soft toy animals looking at you from around the reels. This slot is made to look like a side-game at a fair or travelling circus. The reels are made up of circles, and turn around one reel at a time as if they have been shot. This comes complete with a shooting sound, and crazy fairground style music. This is one of several slots in the Amaya range that will not win any awards in terms of their design – though are enjoyable to play.

The main attraction for the Bullseye Buck slot game is the 3 break out bonus games. These are diverse. One is a duck-shoot, another sees you picking soft toys and the other sees a big boss giving out banknotes. There are wilds on the reels for bigger line wins too.

All the Fun of the Fair: How the Bullseye Bucks Slot Works

When you click spin, the mechanism feels unusual. Each reel flips around, rather than spins from above. You’ll find this is just a design choice, and the slot is a standard 9-line setup with 5 reels and 3 rows on each. All the symbols appear in red circles.

The best paying symbols show an ice cream. These are also the wild symbols. The top prize is 2500 coins for 5 of these wilds. You’ll get 500 coins for 4, 100 for 3, 20 coins for 2 and a 2-coin consolation prize for just a single wild in the left-hand reel. The ice cream does not substitute for all the regular symbols. This will make wins with the hot-dog and the toffee apple, which are worth 1000 and 500 coins respectively for 5 of a kind.

Lower paying symbols are a clown’s head, bottles of milk, a teddy bear, star and the word ‘Miss’. When you first see ‘Miss’ it appears like the absence of a symbol. In fact, 3+ of these from the left will pay a small prize.

3 Bonus Symbols and 3 Bonus Games

There are green pink and blue bonus symbols in play. You need 3 of these on consecutive reels to trigger each bonus game. If you trigger with 4 or 5 instead of 3, then you get a win multiplier (2x or 5x) which is applied to your in-game total.

Here are the bonuses:

Duck Shoot Bonus: You will see 3 rows of ducks going in different directions across the screen. You simply click on a duck, which will award you a multiplier based on your total bet. You keep clicking and accumulating multipliers, until you hit a duck which shows the ‘missed’ sign, which ends the game.

Prize Pick Bonus: Here you get to pick soft toys to reveal win multipliers. These are things like pink elephants, dolphins and even a box of crayons. There are 3 rounds, each with 6 items to choose from. If you make 4 picks without getting the ‘out of stock’ sign, then you trade up to the next level and make 4 picks again.

Pete’s Payday Bonus: This is the simplest of the bonuses. You see a desk with a big ugly boss (complete with cigar). He tells you that you worked hard and counts out some banknotes. When he stops counting, that is your prize. At this point you’ll be told to get the hell out of the office! Any win multiplier from hitting 4 or 5 bonus symbols is applied to this win, and then the game ends.

Unusual Fairground Design

This slot will not win any awards for design, though I do have to compliment the designers on creating something unique. Twisting reels gives the game a new feel, and the bright colors and designs of the symbols do work well with the fairground theme.

None of the symbols is particularly detailed. These look like they were created with an older set of design tools. Other than in the break out bonus games, there is not too much in the way of animation either. You’ll get a mix of electronic sounds, shooting noises and fairground music while you play.

Should You Shoot for a Win on Bullseye Bucks?

Bullseye Buck is a unique slot, and entertaining enough for a quick session. While the overall look is dated, there is a certain charm to it. The highlight for me was the duck shoot game. This is the only point the slot becomes animated. The picks game and payday bonus can give you some bigger wins too.


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