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At first glance Cash Grab is a very simple 3-reel online slot. Once you start to play, you will find that there are some enjoyable additions to the usual goal of lining up 3 symbols. These do include some animations. Unusually these are not on the reels, a smiling cartoon guy called Lou will cheer and spin (complete with piles of cash) to the right of the playing area.

The symbols used break away from the traditional slots too. These include colored gems, coins and cash grab statues. There is now a sequel to the original Cash Grab slot. In Cash Grab 2 you will find a very modern game with all-ways wins and plenty of animations.

How the Original Cash Grab Slot Works

As far as setup before you play goes, this slot is as simple as they come. You have a choice of playing either 1 or 2 coins. There is no difference in the size of the top prize for adding the second coin like you will find in some slots. This makes the return to player (RTP) percentage the same for 1 or 2 coins.

Cash Grab only has a single win line. As with many traditional slots, the symbols will not always line up on this line. When they do, you can expect some generous payouts.

The picture of the guy who ‘hosts’ the slot (called Lou) on top of a gold coin is the highest paying symbol. This also has some wild and multiplier properties (covered below). The top prize for 3 of a kind is 1600 coins if you are playing 2 coins, and 800 if you are playing 1.

Next in the pay table come piles of green banknotes with the word ‘cash’ written on them. These are worth 160 coins (assuming 2 coin bets, as all the following prizes do). Gems follow these with pink ones, diamonds and orange ones worth 80, 50 and 30 coins. Silver coins are worth 20 coins for 3, and any 3 mixed gems will get you a 10-coin prize.

There are small prizes for 2 (5 coins) or 1 (2 coins) of the silver coin symbols in any position on the win-line.

Wilds and Multipliers with Cash Grab Statues

In addition to having the biggest prize, the coins with your host Lou are wild symbols. These have a system of multipliers. If you win with 2 Lou coins and 1 of the regular symbols, then you win is multiplied by 4x compared to the pay table. For example, 1 green cash symbol and 2 Lou’s at 2 coins gets you 160×4 = 640 coins.

If you win with a single Lou substituting for a symbol, then that win gets doubled compared with the pay table. Note that these multipliers do not apply to the top win of 3 gold coins – this is already built in to the top 1600-coin prize.

Retro Design of the Cash Grab Slot

This is a retro slot, which has a couple of entertaining touches. The reels are placed left of center. Above them is the Cash Grab logo in yellow over a big pile of bank notes. To the right of the reels you will see a small version of the pay table, along with a cartoon picture of Lou – tongue sticking out.

Reels have a plain white backing. The single win line is clear, with a physical orange line crossing the slightly non-standard shaped reels. Underneath the reels, you’ll see the statement ‘win big with Lou’.

Symbols are plain and bright. These are not visually impressive, though are smart and functional enough for you not to really notice. Only the gold coin with Lou stands out, this is quirky and fun. Buttons below the reels have a ‘3D’ effect. You will find a ‘paytable’ button, which gives you a full screen version of the pays – including the wilds / multipliers info.

Sounds include cheering when you win with one of the wild symbols. You’ll see the guy to the right of the reels get animated for a moment, holding piles of cash when you win with these.

Should You Try to Grab the Money with Cash Grab

For fans of 3-reel traditional slots, I can see the appeal of this Amaya game. It does not stray too far from regular 3-reel setups, though adds a couple of welcome extras. That 4x multiplier for wins with 2 wilds is certainly worth hitting. Add some entertaining animations on top and you have a winning combination.


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