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Cubis is one of the most original slots you’ll find online, although whether it should be classified as a slot at all is open to question, as there are no reels in sight whatsoever.

This game is played out on a three-sided grid, with a square of jewel-like cubed symbols on the bottom, flanked by two vertical squares of symbols. To add another strange element into the mix, this game is played underwater too. Add bombs into the mix too and you’ll find a slot that plays much more like an app such as Candy Crush than it does a regular online slot.

How the Unique Cubis Slot Works

This uniquely designed slot has a total of 15 win-lines, each going along the length of two of the three sides of the layout. This means that each win line is ten symbols long and a look at the pay table shows you that the biggest wins come along for these 10-in-a-row moments, while smaller wins will head your way for hitting four symbols in a row.

The highest paying symbols in the game are the diamond colored cubes and a very impressive 4,000 coins is yours for ten in a row. The green and blue cubes have top prizes of 3,000 and 2,500 coins respectively while the other cubes are purple, red, orange and yellow in color.

Whenever you land a win, all of the winning symbols will now disappear and the symbols from above or to the side will now move into the spaces, with new symbols appearing at the outer edges of the slot. The new alignment might lead to additional wins and these additional wins will come without the cost of another spin. These wins will keep coming until the new alignment fails to land another win.

Multiplier Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in the game is represented by a die with multipliers showing on each side. This symbol will substitute for any other colored cube and any wins that are racked up will be multiplied by the number on the die. On occasions, you’ll find more than one die as part of a win and when this is the case, the multipliers work together. For example, if you find a 2x and a 3x multiplier as part of a win line, your win total will be 6x the usual win.

Cubis Slot Special Bomb Symbols

As well as the standard symbols, the game has three special symbols, each of which has their own special power.

Line Bomb – This symbol appears as a flame inside of a purple lined sphere. When it appears, this symbol will shoot out ball of fire in every direction and destroy everything in its sight. When the dust settles and the symbols have all repositioned, any wins will be paid out.

Square Bomb – This symbol is even more destructive than the line bomb, as it will destroy an entire face of symbols, meaning 25 symbols will disappear. Once again, the reels will be re-evaluated when the new symbols have come in and filled the gaps.

Nuclear Bomb – As you might have imagined from the name, this is the most destructive symbol of all, as it will destroy every symbol in the game. With every symbol being replaced, this is effectively the same as receiving a free spin.

Cubis Slot Phone App-Like Design

With a series of colored cubes filling the three walls of the game, this slot has a very distinctive look that you simply won’t find elsewhere. Even hitting spin gives the game a very different feel, as all of the cubes will now fall into place – there is no spinning involved. You can also add into the mix that the slot is underwater, with air bubbles rising up from the coral at the bottom of the ocean. The sound effects add to the unique feel of the game too, although between spins, the repetitive sounds can become a little too much.

Cubis Slot Overview

If you are one of those who likes to play a slot with a difference, this is certainly the game for you. The ‘reel’ setup is very different to anything you might have experienced before and the fact that you can win some huge 10 in a row prizes really sets this game apart. Many players will take one look at the game and wonder if it is a slot at all. However, with the multiplier wilds and the three bombs in the game there is more than enough to keep players entertained.

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