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You’ll find an unusual setup for this Amaya online slot. The playing area is a 4×4 grid – and win-lines go vertically as well as horizontally. The theme is all about money, with cash, diamonds and gold coins the highest paying symbols. There are also traditional slot symbols like fruits and 7’s on the reels. Fancashtic has the same mechanics as the jungle-themed ‘Amazon Adventure’ slot.

You will find that the 7’s work in two ways. In addition to the usual line wins, they pay based on the total number in view. This can be a big prize if you get 12 or more on the 16-square grid. There is also a progressive element to this game. Two meters to the right of the reels move up towards cash prizes as you collect special symbols.

How the Unusual FanCASHtic Slot Configuration Works

If you are used to the usual left to right wins that most online slots use, it will take a few spins to get used to this new system. There are two things to keep in mind. The 4×4 grid means that there are 4 horizontal win-lines, 4 vertical ones and 2 diagonals – 10 in total. You need 3 or 4 of a kind to win (with the exception of the cherries). The gap for the 3 of a kind wins can be at the top or the bottom.

All this means that you don’t always see wins right away – at least at first. The game does highlight them, along with a bleeping tune. You can bet between 1 and 5 coins per line. The pay table will automatically update to match the number of coins you are betting. There is no mathematical advantage to betting more coins.

Regular and Scatter Prizes

The biggest regular prize is a pile of ‘bricks’ of banknotes. This is worth 2500 coins for 4 and 500 coins for 3. Banknotes held by a golden money clip come next, these are worth 1000 and 200 coins for 4 and 3 respectively. Diamonds (750 for 4), gold rings (625) and piles of gold coins (500) complete the higher paying symbols.

7’s come next. These pay in two different ways. First, there are regular prizes, topped by the orange 7’s at 375 for 4. Blue 7’s, green and then any colors mixed come next. These symbols also pay scatter prizes for the total number in view. This ranges from 2 coins for 5, right through to 2500 coins for 12 or more.

Apples, oranges, plums and cherries make up the smaller wins. There are tiny prizes for 1 or 2 cherries, in addition to the 3 / 4 of a kind wins.

Progressive Bonuses

Two meters to the right of the reels each have 10 levels. These are labelled ‘Cash 1’ and ‘Cash 2’. There are special symbols, which do not have prizes attached, one for each. As these appear, you move up the meters. You will see prizes at the top, which change as you play. When you hit the 10th special symbol, you are awarded that prize. While this is not the most interactive of bonus games, it does keep you spinning as you approach the top!

Retro Slot Design

This is an older slot, and does not compete visually with the newer games. Everything is on a single screen. The pay table to the left, the bonus game meters to the right and the grid in the middle. I like the logo, which is orange and green, emphasizing the word ‘Cash’ and having a big pile of banknotes underneath. The symbols are very plain. These look more like those found on traditional mechanical slots. There are flashes and light effects – though no animations to speak of.

Sounds involve old-school electronics. There are whirrs when the reels spin, bleeping ‘tunes’ when you win and medleys of bleeps for the scatter and bonus meter wins. You’ll either love these or hate them!

Is this a FanCASHtic Slot to Play?

I’d say this is more of a retro curiosity than a go-to game. It is certainly different from most online slots, and engaging enough in its own way. The progressive meters do keep you interested – though the prizes are nice to have rather than epic. Scatter wins are bigger than for many games, and will give you an occasional windfall.

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