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Goal soccer / footbal slot

The Goooal! Slot is one based around ‘The Beautiful Game’ of soccer. In this game, you’ll start by choosing from one of two teams – to keep it simple you get to choose from a red or a blue team and your aim is that your chosen team wins. The majority of the symbols on the reels show footballers in various acrobatic poses, giving the slot an all-action feel. The bonus feature begins when three goals are scored where you’ll find yourself in the center of the pitch hoping for your team to score.

Pre-Match Warm Up: How the Goooal! Slot Works

At first glance, this slot looks like many other online games, with the almost standard 5×3 reel configuration. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that the game has a simple 3 pay lines – the top, middle and bottom horizontals.

Before you even reach the reels however, you’ll be immediately asked two questions. First, you’ll set the coin value for each spin and then you’ll be asked which of the two teams you’d like to choose (why this is important becomes evident during the bonus feature).

There are eight ‘standard’ symbols in the game, made up of four footballer moves from each of the two teams. The player performing an ‘overhead kick’ is the top paying symbol and pays 1,000 coins for the maximum five in a row (this slot pays from left to right). This symbol pays out when you land a single symbol, all the way up to five, while all other symbols require at least 3 in a row. Next on the pay table is a goalkeeper making an acrobatic save which has a top prize of 750 coins. The player performing a diving header is worth 500 coins while the final symbol shows a player performing a mid-air volley and pays 250 coins. Unusually, this slot has no wild symbol.

Big Match Slot Bonus Feature

At first, the whole bonus system can seem a little complicated, but when you get the hang of it, it quickly becomes an enjoyable feature.

To enter the bonus feature, you’ll need three goals to be scored during the base game. For a goal to be scored, the ‘goal’ symbol has to appear on reel five. You’ll then look at the symbol to the left of the ‘goal’ on reel four. If it is red, then a goal has been scored by the red team, if blue, the blue team has scored. That symbol will also have a number attached and you’ll multiply this by the number of credits to give you bonus points. When a total of three goals have been scored, both the goals for each team and the total amount of bonus points will be transferred to the ‘soccer game’ screen.

You’ll now find a series of footballs scattered across the screen and you’ll select each in turn. The game will now reveal whether the shot belongs to the blue or the red team and the ball will be fired towards the goal. Most of the time it will be a goal and the score will be updated on the back of it – sometimes the shot will miss however. At some stage, you’ll reveal a ball that will state ‘game over’ and at this point you’ll know which team has won.

If the team you chose at the start won, the bonus points will be multiplied by 2 and paid out. If the team you chose lost, the bonus points are simply multiplied by 1. The best-case scenario is if the game ends in a tie, which will see the bonus points multiplied by 3.

All Action Slot Design

This Amaya designed slot has an all-action feel, set against the backdrop of a football stadium with a packed crowd. The game has a busy feel, with the goal chart above the reels, the intensive action on the reels and the control panel below – with all of the visuals looking impressive throughout.

Ready for Kickoff?

This soccer themed slot has a very interesting concept which is unlike many other slots. This gives the game a real originality, although it can appear slightly complicated at first. Nevertheless, when you get the hang of it can be very enjoyable – hoping that your own team scores and that the other team doesn’t. Players who like the guarantee of entering a bonus feature will enjoy this game as you’ll know that 3 goals mean guaranteed entry (at other games it can seem like an eternity until the bonus feature is landed). This all makes for a game that many will enjoy, although this will have more appeal for soccer fans.

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