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Gulliver’s Travels was written by Jonathan Swift in 1726 and has gone on to become a much-loved novel the world over, adapted for film and TV many times. The tale sees Gulliver travel to Lilliput, inhabited by a race of tiny people just 6 inches tall, while he then travels to Brobdingnag, where he now finds himself tiny amongst a race of people twelve the times the size of Gulliver.

The story of Gulliver has now been told on this online slot by Amaya, a game which plays very differently to many other games due to the innovative ‘Mega Lines’ system, while a free spins bonus round adds some nice variety.

Setting Sail: How the Gulliver’s Travels Slot Works

This book themed slot is played out on five reels and pays from left to right. At first the game has a total of 20 win-lines, although this changes when the ‘Mega Lines’ feature comes in. A look at the pay table shows you that the classic image of Gulliver pinned down by ropes set up by the villagers of Lilliput pays a top prize of 2,000 coins. Gulliver speaking to a tiny young lady is worth 750 coins, while a very picturesque castle setting is worth 500 coins. A purple book which Gulliver uses as a diary and a beer barrel are joined by the playing card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A in completing the standard symbols on the reels.

Interestingly during the base game, there is the ‘Flip Out’ feature. Every time you land a win, as well as being paid, all of the winning symbols will now rotate and turn into new random symbols. The reels are now re-evaluated with these new symbols in place and any wins are paid out – keep winning and the symbols will keep changing and this will only stop when the wins stop.

Mega Lines and Free Spins Bonus Features

The first of the features is ‘Mega Lines’. The Mega Lines symbol can appear on reels one and five and every time it makes an appearance on either, the feature is activated. You’ll now see the reels spin until you land a win, but you have a massive bonus in the fact that the number of win lines are now doubled from 20 to 40 giving you twice the opportunity of a big win. Even if it takes twenty spins to land a win, each of these won’t come at any cost. The Mega Lines symbol is also wild, making those wins easier to come by.

If you are lucky enough to see a spin where the Mega Lines symbol appears on reels 1 AND 5 it gets even better. The slot now operates on the all-ways winning system (you’ll win when symbols appear on consecutive reels irrespective of the position) offering a massive 243 ways to win. This gives the best opportunity of a big win, especially with the two wilds at either end of the reels.

The second feature in the game is a free spins bonus round. The game has a scatter symbol which shows Gulliver pulling a boat in Lilliput and this appears on reels 1, 3 and 5. If the scatter appears on all three of these reels you’ll enter the free spins feature. First, you’ll find yourself at a pick me round where you’ll choose from a series of ships which will set the number of spins and the multiplier for the free spins. During the free spins, the ‘Mega Lines’ feature is still in operation, while you can also retrigger the spins with three more scatters.

Gulliver’s Travels Lilliput Design

The backdrop to this Amaya designed slot shows a busy village scene in Lilliput, with people working amongst the picturesque dwellings. This theme is continued on the wood backed reels, where you’ll find some nice images of famed moments from the book while even the playing card symbols have the miniature people from Lilliput standing alongside them.

Gulliver’s Travels Overview

With Gulliver’s Travels being so loved, many players will be naturally attracted to this slot simply due to the theme, but the gameplay matches up too. The Mega Lines feature keeps the game entertaining at all times, as this occurs on a regular basis. The ‘Flip Out’ feature ensures that you can land a nice number of wins at just the cost of one spin. Both of these features give the game a nice originality and if you add the free spins feature into the mix, you have a very entertaining game. This is a must play.

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