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On the off chance that you’ve never played Jenga before, the game involves building a large tower of blocks and then removing these blocks one by one, while hoping the tower remains standing. Whichever player removes the block that leads to the tower falling is deemed the loser. Amaya have now taken the Jenga format and turned it into an online slot where each level of 3 blocks acts as a win line. Alongside the standard blocks, players will find magic blocks and layer bombs which both add to the excitement levels and you’ll receive an added bonus if you can make the tower topple.

How Does the Unique Jenga Slot Work?

When you first enter the Jenga slot you are presented with a full tower, which is 18 levels high, each of these 18 levels representing a win line. You have the option of playing all 18 win-lines or just 9 lines, which will represent the bottom half of the tower. Having chosen your coin value alongside the number of lines, you’ll be ready to go. With this not being a ‘traditional’ slot, you’ll hit ‘play’ instead of ‘spin’ and you’ll see the tower on the screen disappear and a whole new tower take its place.

The tower is filled with different colored bricks and to win you’ll need to land three of the same colored bricks on a level. As well as the initial pay-out for the three blocks, any linked blocks will also see you gain a bonus payment – these bonus payments are larger than the initial win, so it’s clear that linked blocks are where the real money in the game are.

The blue colored blocks are the highest paying in the game with 100 coins coming your way for forming a line, with any additional linked blocks offering up an extra 120 coins. The white blocks are next on the pay table, each line worth 50 coins while additional linked blocks paying out 60 coins. The red and yellow blocks are the only others with a double figure pay out, worth 25 and 15 coins for a line, while bonus linked blocks pay 30 and 18 coins. The orange, green and purple blocks complete the colors.

Whenever you land a win, all of the blocks involved in that win will now disappear and the same number of blocks will now be added to the top of the tower. This could lead to new wins and these will automatically be paid out and then could lead to further wins as new blocks are again added to the top.

Jenga Slot Game Special Blocks

As well as the standard colored blocks, you’ll also find two bonus blocks that make an appearance, adding a nice level of variety to the game.

Magic Block The magic block has an eye-catching translucent orange appearance and will transform a number of blocks around to a same matching color. This virtually guarantees a win and could lead to additional wins when the new blocks appear at the top.

Layer Bombs Layer Bombs come in a red, yellow and green colors, each surrounded with a black and white pattern. These blocks will destroy 2, 4 or 8 layers completely, meaning the same number of layers will be added to the top of the tower, giving further opportunity for wins.

Any time you manage to topple the tower completely, you’ll be awarded a free game too.

Classic Tower and Changeable Backgrounds Design

There is little doubt that Jenga is a striking game. The colorful array of the blocks in the tower is complemented nicely by the background which changes with regularity too. If you like a particular backdrop you can lock it too, which is a nice touch. Whenever you hit play, the tower builds quickly and you’ll hear the pleasing sound of the small wooden blocks forming in place, while throughout the game you’ll hear an ambient soundtrack playing in the background.

How Does the Jenga Slot Stack Up?

This Amaya designed ‘slot’ is unlike any other slot you’ll find online. Yes, you’ll find win lines but this is the only real similarity to what you might traditionally expect, meaning this is a game for those who like their online casino experience a little different. The visuals are excellent throughout, while the gameplay has enough excitement to keep you entertained, meaning this is a ‘slot’ you have to play at least once.

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