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Many slots in the Amaya range are bang up to date. Jumping for Gold is not one of them. This traditional 3-reel slot could even be a contender for being one of the earliest online slot games. The theme is horse-related. Though from the symbols and graphics the only certainty is that jumping is involved. Whether this is jumps racing or show-jumping is unclear.

There are 3 win-lines and the only interesting feature involves multipliers. You can get boosts to your prizes of up to 4x what is on the pay table with some gold horse symbols. The ‘bar’ symbols involve the places in a competition, which is the only discernible design feature.

Under Starters Orders: How Jumping for Gold is Set Up

You’ll see 3 white reels, which are designed to look slightly curved – mimicking the mechanical slots on which it is based. You get to choose 1 to 3 win-lines per spin. These are the top, middle and bottom horizontal lines. The ‘Bet Max’ button multiplies your coin size by 3 for all the lines, or you can keep clicking the ‘Bet One’ button. After you spin for the first time, the ‘spin’ becomes ‘same spin’ so you will not need to keep setting your number of lines each time.

Your coin size is determined by up and down arrows on the upper right of the reels. You can bet from just 1c per line – that is 3c for the full 3 lines. With a minimum spin at 1c, this is a penny slot machine in the true sense of the word! There is a mathematical advantage in betting 3 lines as you find on many 3-reel slots. The top prize is proportionally bigger for the 3rd coin – giving you a higher return over the long run when betting the maximum coins.

Unlike on many 3-reel slots, you will find the pay table via a separate button on a screen of its own. This button is to the left of the spin / bet buttons.

Winning Combinations

3 Golden horse head symbols have the single largest prize. This is 4000 coins for 3 on one of the win-lines when you bet 3 coins. If you only bet 1 or 2 coins, then the most you can win is 1000 and 2000 coins for 3 of a kind. These symbols also have substitute and multiplier properties – these are outlined below.

Medals are the next highest paying symbols. If you get gold, silver and bronze in that order, you’ll get 900 coins (all prize amounts assume 3-coin bets). 3 Gold medals win you 360 coins, with 300 for 3 silver and 240 for 3 bronze. Any combination of medals also gets a prize, this is 120 coins.

Adding to the complexity of the pay table the ‘bar’ symbols pay the best prize for 3 mixed too. You need the 3-bar (which says gold), then the 2-bar (silver) and single (bronze) in order to get 120 coins. By contrast, mixing up the bars into a random order only gets you 15 coins. You win 90, 60 and 30 for the 3-of a kind combinations. You can also mix medals and bars, getting them in order will get you 60 coins. Any 3 of the medals or bars making a row of gold, silver or bronze will also pay a prize.

The final prize is surprising. When you miss everything, and get 3 blanks, then you get your money back for that spin!

Golden Wild Multipliers

In addition to having the biggest prize, the golden horse symbols will multiply wins that they become a part of in their role as a wild (substitute) symbol. This is 4x what is on the pay table for 2 wilds + 1 symbol, and 2x for 1 wild and 2 symbols. The top prize of 3 gold horses does not get any additional multipliers. The multipliers do not count for 1 or 2 of a kind wins.

Simple Equine Design

This is an early effort, and the design and game-play is basic. The top section is dominated by the reels and their green background. You’ll find pale green horse outlines on the brighter green backing. The reels are white and are made to look curved. There is even part of a mechanical arm showing on the right-hand side.

The logo is below the reels, and shows a large brown horse in mid-jump. You will find information on the doubling properties of the wild in view.

Should You Aim for a Perfect Round with Jumping for Gold?

You’ll need to be a fan of simple retro slots to get much out of this game. It does what it is supposed to do effectively, though lacks much in the way of game-play or excitement. The only highlight is the wild symbols, which can get you a multiplier of up to 4x on your spins.

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