Kat Lee Bounty Hunter Slot

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Kat Lee stands to the left of the reels while you play. She looks like a more sci-fi version of Lara Croft. Her task in this game is to battle with cyborgs, which are hiding around the city. Above the reels you will see a city scape, with a red sky. The symbols have a cartoon feel, which contrasts with the dark and brooding music.

There is plenty going on in this game. You can play a 3-level bonus game, which involves hunting for cyborgs. There is also a free spins game with 3x wins, and some complex scatter wins involving 2 types of scatter symbols. The line prizes can be generous too, with a 10,000-coin top prize.

How the Kat Lee Bounty Hunter Slot Works

This Amaya slot game has a regular setup with 30 win-lines over a 5 reel by 3 row grid. You’ll need to say how many credits you are betting per line before you spin. You can keep clicking the ‘bet 30’ button, or hit ‘bet max’ for 10 coins per line. You can also change the value of your coins from 1c and up. Auto play is offered too.

Wild symbols, which say ‘Bounty Hunter Wild’, are the symbols you’ll want to see. 5 of these on a win-line gets you 10,000 coins. In addition, they will substitute for all the regular symbols to create extra wins. 2 cartoon symbols, one saying ‘Boom!’ and the other ‘Blam!’ are the next highest paying – worth 1000 coins for 3. A silhouette (presumably of Kat) holding a gun and a male shadow with an explosion make up the higher paying symbols.

There are bright playing card symbols in play, each of these has an exclamation mark next to it.

Complex Scatter Wins

There are two scatter symbols. One shows a mobile phone, and the other shows a piece of green equipment. These have big prizes for 3+ of the same type, and smaller prizes for 3+ mixed types. They are not tied to win-lines, and will pay multiples of your total spin amount. If you get 5 of one type, this is 50x your total spin amount. You’ll get 20x for 4 and 5x for 3. Mixed scatters get you 15x for 5, 4x for 4 and 2x for 3.

Picks Bonus and Free Spins Game

To trigger the free spins you need special free spin symbols to hit reels 1 and 5 in the same spin. There are only 3 free spins, though these do come with a 3x multiplier on wins. This brings your potential best line win up to 30,000 coins! These symbols become faded during your free spins, so you can’t retrigger.

Bonus symbols show a shadow in a gun sight. You need 3 of these to trigger the second screen picks game. First, both Kat and the Cyborg at the side of the reels can be seen running away. The screen then goes fuzzy, and is replaced with a series of crates. Your task is to hunt for the cyborg, clicking items over up to 3 rounds. Those items which do not have a cyborg will pay cash amounts, which are multiplied by your line bet at the end of the bonus game.

Dystopian Cartoon Design of the Kat Lee Slot

You’ll see Kat and the Cyborg either side of the reels. These characters look effective, though are not animated as you will find in some recent slots. They only come to life when you trigger the Cyborg Hunt bonus game.

The symbols are a real mix of colors and styles, giving a crowded feel to the reels. There are small animations to go with your wins with the higher paying and special symbols. The music is dramatic, even jarring at times – which does contrast a little with the ‘Blam!’ messages on the symbols. You will hear different music during the free spins and picks bonus rounds. When you win with the scatter symbols, you hear a gunshot ring out and the amount you won is displayed in green digital letters on the reels.

Should You Join Kat Lee and Hunt the Cyborgs?

This is a high-energy and multi-featured slot. Despite it starting to get old (there is already a sequel with Kat Lee Bounty Hunter 2), it is still enjoyable to play. The scatter wins can give you an unexpected boost, and the bonus games come around frequently enough to keep you engaged. Add to this a bigger line win, plus the potential for a 3x multiplier, and you have a winning combination!

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