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If there was a contest to find the most basic slot in the Amaya range – Lucky Cherry would almost certainly be the winner! You’ll see cheeky looking cherries staring at you from sides of this traditional slot game. It is designed to look and work like one of the early casino slots which were part mechanical and part electronic. On the reels, you’ll find traditional symbols including bars, sevens and of course cherries.

The only highlight is that the cherry symbols are wild, and will multiply wins that they become part of.

1 Coin or 2? The Lucky Cherry Slot Setup

You get to choose one or two coins before you spin. Often with 3-reel traditional slots there is an incentive to choose the max coins – in the form of a higher top prize. In Lucky Cherry, this is not the case. The wins are the same (proportionally) for one coin or two. You can choose from a wide range of coin values. These start at 1c, then 5c, 10c, 25c and all the way up to $5 per coin. There is a separate ‘Paytable’ button. While the pay table is available above the reels all the time, this gives you a full-screen version which is easier to read.

Lucky Cherry Line Prizes

Only the cherry pays for 1 or 2 on a line – with all the other symbols requiring 3. Like with the mechanical casino slots, symbols will not always hit the single win-line.

3 Lucky Cherries is the top prize, these are the winking cherry in a blue star. This is worth 800 coins if you are spinning for 1 coin, and 1600 coins for 2. The red 7’s come next, at 160 coins (all wins from here assume you are playing 2 coins per spin). Yellow ‘3 bars’ will get you 80 coins, green ‘2 bars’ 50 – and the red single bars (20). There is a consolation prize of 10 coins for any 3 mixed bars.

Regular cherries pay in any position. These are worth 4 coins for 1, 10 coins for 2 and 20 coins for 3 of a kind.

Multipliers with the Lucky Cherry Symbols

The winking cherries will multiply wins that they become part of in their role as the wild (substitute) symbols. If you create a win with one lucky cherry, it is doubled compared to the pay table. If you get 2 cherries + one other symbol on the win-line, this is multiplied by 4. The 4x does not apply to the biggest win with 3 of the Lucky Cherry symbols, this is already built in!

Basic and Bright Design

Overall, the design mimics a physical slot – even to the extent of having a mechanical arm showing on the right-hand side. At the top of the cabinet, you will find the pay table. This is brought to life by light tracing through the yellow and red logo, and the pay tables flashing in turn. You will see a cheeky cherry winking at you, showing a white hand with a thumbs-up.

To the left are the 1-coin winners and to the right the 2-coin prizes. These show the fruits and bars in the same order – only with doubled win amounts. An explanation of how the multipliers work can be found in between these. You can view the pay-table in full screen mode by hitting the pay table button.

Around the reels are two more big winking cherries. There are 3 white reels, which are designed with a curved effect. The symbols are very basic, much like those on the mechanical slots which this game emulates. Under the reels are red LED displays. From left to right these show: Winner Paid, Credits, Coins and Credit Value.

There are 3 control buttons under this. These are bet one, same spin (spin button) and Bet Max.

Will the Cherry Be Sweet or Sour for You?

The only reason I can think of to choose this slot is to experience slot gaming as it was 40 years ago. While the game-play is smooth and the potential prizes big, there is nothing in this game to keep you playing for long. The only silver lining is that wins with 2 cherries can bring you the occasional 4x multiplier.

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