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If you were expecting 5 reels, and to have to line up symbols, then you’ll need to think again. Mad Matterhorn is more of a novelty game than a traditional online slot. This game is themed on the famous mountain, which is found in the Alps between Italy and Switzerland. The focus is an intrepid climber, who is aiming to get to the top of the mountain.

To move up, you’ll play a number of games where you guess the numbers on flags. Your objective each time is to get to a camp – where you can decide whether to collect or continue. For me this feels more like a slot second screen bonus game than a slot. While it is entertaining to play, the game play is limited and I’m not sure this is the type of game people will return too very often.

Before You Hike: How the Mad Matterhorn Game Works

There is only one thing to do before you play – choose how much you would like to bet. There are a wide range of options, from 20c up to $200 per game. You control this by clicking the up and down arrows next to the box marked ‘Wager’. The only remaining task is to click the white ‘Play’ button with red writing.

The game initially shows a view of a mountain with a winding path covered in snow leading up it. On top is a big church. Along the path are flags, each with a different color. These are in lines separated by different shelters. These include a tent and wooden huts. If you look carefully, there is a small climber on the bottom left – next to some snow-covered pine trees.

Mad Matterhorn: The Game Play

When you click the play button you will zoom in on the section of the mountain you are tackling. Initially, this will show 5 blue flags in a row. The first flag will unfurl, showing a number. The climber initially stands between the first and the second flags.

Above and below the second flag you will see red and white arrows, saying ‘higher’ and ‘lower’. Your task is to pick one of them, guessing whether the number for flag 2 will be bigger or smaller than flag 1. The range of numbers is between 1 and 20. If you are on either of those, the option of going lower or higher will not be offered.

Each time you guess correctly, you will move up one flag. If you reach the wooden shelter at the end of the screen, then you win your first prize. At this point the full mountain becomes visible, and you see a yellow star with the word ‘Win’ in it. If you guess wrong at any point, then the climber freezes and your game is over.

Continue, Collect and Extra Lives

This initial win is 2x your stake. You now have a chance to keep this, or to try to reach the next shelter (a tent). Two buttons appear beneath the game offering these choices. In addition, you will see the head of a guy. He says, ‘perfect play on any level except level 1 earns and extra life!’. The prize for reaching the next level is also bigger – in this case 5x your spin amount.

If you do choose to continue, then you get a new starting number from the first flag, and need to choose 5 numbers correctly to get to the next level. You face the same choice again, picking up an extra life for each level you complete. This will save you from 1 incorrect choice. If you reach one of the higher levels with 2 or more lives intact, this could be a big incentive to continue your climb. The top prize is 100x your stake for reaching the summit.

Is Mad Matterhorn Worth a Play?

You will find this game listed among the online slots – though it is a novelty type game. I found it frustrating at times, especially when you hit those tricky middle numbers. Once you get above level 2 and start having extra lives, things become more interesting. Approaching the summit with lives in the bag will certainly see your excitement levels rise.

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