Millionaires Club 3

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If you have seen the first 2 Millionaires Club slots, your hopes that number 3 might bring the series up to date could well be high. While this is more recent than the first 2 titles by some way – Millionaires Club 3 is far from the latest in design and game play. It keeps the same bling and riches symbols, and many of the design features too.

The consecutive wheels which can lead to a progressive jackpot win are the main attraction. To get to this wheel you need to play a separate picks bonus game. This involves choosing from 100 gems. Scatter wins have been improved in this slot compared to the 2 originals.

How the 20-Line Millionaires Club 3 Slot Works

In a step up from 1 and then 9 win-lines, Millionaires Club 3 has 20 lines. For the first time in this series of games, you can change this number of lines if you wish. You can bet from just 1c per line.

A big mansion replaces the credit card as the wild symbol. This substitutes for the regular symbols – though not the scatter. The top line prize comes when you hit 5 of the mansions. This is worth 4,000 coins. This symbol pays all the way down to 1 of a kind (in the left-hand reel), which gets you 2 coins.

The yacht, which can be seen from above with wind in its sails, is the next highest payer. This is worth 2500 for 5 of a kind (and pays down to 2 from the left). Next comes a Rolls Royce, holiday view and a peacock. There are 6 different lower paying symbols. These are a pearl necklace, ring, purse, golden cufflinks, tickets and a glass of cognac.

Scatter Logo Symbols

Scatter symbols are the familiar Millionaires Club logo. This has a big diamond above, and cash below. There are prizes for the total number in view, regardless of whether they fall consecutively on a win-line. The biggest prize is 100c your total spin amount for 5. You’ll win 20x for 2, 3x for 3 and 1x for just 2. When you win with this symbol, you will see an animation of the jackpot wheel within each of the symbols.

In addition to the cash prizes, 3 or more scatters will trigger the bonus games.

Millionaires Club 3 Diamond Picks and Wheel Bonus Games

When you trigger the bonus, you will see the screen fill with 100 sparkling diamonds. These form a different pattern each time. Your task is to click on these gems. They will reveal one of four things. Most will show a cash win, which accumulates as you play. Some will show a multiplier, which applies to your total cash win. There are also jackpot wheel symbols (tiny wheels). If you hit 3 of these you will move to the next part of the bonus. You will also get ‘strikes’. 3 of these will bring your bonus game to an end.

If you move to the jackpot wheel, you first see a message explaining that your wins from the previous round are already guaranteed.

The same 3 ring wheel with arrows pointing inwards that was used in the original 2 games is then shown. A ‘power meter’ is on the bottom right, which supposedly dictates how fast you spin. You’ll get cash prizes, or arrows which move you in to the next wheel for bigger wins. If you get to the 3rd wheel and get the arrow, then you will win the progressive jackpot prize.

Design of Millionaires Club 3

There are a lot more details on the symbols, and some background graphics too when compared to the earlier games. Above the reels the logo shows gems with lights travelling in opposite directions. You will see the current jackpot total on the top left of the reels.

For me the different colors, designs and shapes of the symbols gives the reels a crowded feel. The Rolls Royce stands out. There are small animations as well as flashing lines when you win. The best animation is via the scatter symbols, where you will see a wheel.

The sound when you spin is a strange mix of clattering noises, with electronic bleeps when the reels land. You’ll hear a jazzy soundtrack when you play the bonus games.

Is the 3rd Millionaires Club Slot the One to Play?

This is the best of the 3 Millionaire’s Club slots in terms of graphics – and also the most interesting to play. The addition of the picks game before the jackpot wheel gives this title more depth than its predecessors. With slot graphics and game play moving on so fast, I think it is about time we saw a Millionaires Club 4 released!

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