Millionaires Club Slot

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This traditional style 3-reel slot is the first of 3 ‘Millionaires Club’ slots in the Amaya range. What they have in common is a big progressive jackpot. This is a basic game, and is designed to emulate the electro-mechanical slots that you still find in live casinos. Instead of fruits, bars and sevens on the reels, you will find cars, diamonds and a yacht.

Above the reels you can’t miss the jackpot reel. You get to spin when playing the maximum three coins. This has 3 rings, with a jackpot at the center. That jackpot is huge – a big 6-figures at the time of writing this review.

The Road to Riches: Setup of the Millionaires Club Slot

There is only one pay line, which crosses right through the center of the 3 by 3 grid of the reels. On many traditional 3-reel slots, the symbols do not always line up with the win-line. With this game, you will always see 3 symbols on that line – it is just a case of hoping that they match.

You can bet up to 3 coins per spin. While the line prizes remain the same (proportionally), adding that 3rd coin allows you to play for the jackpot. Auto-play is on offer. This includes an advanced option – which lets you spin until you hit the bonus game.

Line Prizes

Purple diamonds are the highest paying symbols, these are worth 1500 coins for 3 of a kind (all prizes are for 3 coins). The diamonds are the only symbols to pay out for fewer than 3. You’ll get 60 coins for 2 and 6 coins for just 1 of a kind anywhere on the reels.

Next on the pay table comes the yacht – this is worth 300 coins for 3 of a kind. The complex looking watch face is next at 150 coins, then gold rings, retro cards and lucky horse shoes.

Jackpot Wheel Bonus Game

If you hit the Millionaires Club symbol on the 3rd reel, you will trigger the wheel bonus game. This is a simple bonus – which starts right away with the first reel spinning. You’ll usually get a prize in coins, though if you hit the arrow, you get to spin the second wheel. This has higher prizes, and also has an arrow. There are higher prizes still on the 3rd wheel – though at this point you will be rooting for the arrow once again. This takes you to the big progressive jackpot prize. You need to have been playing the full 3 coins to trigger this.

Design of the Millionaires Club 3 Reel Slot

The Amaya designers have tried to mimic the angled cabinet of a physical slot. They have not quite managed to pull this off. The slot looks like it is trying to be angled, though does not really ‘work’. This should not stop you enjoying the game!

At the very top of the screen you will see a digital display with the progressive jackpot amount. This will slowly tick up as you play. The logo is on the top left, this is a diamond above the words – with bank notes and coins below that.

It is the bonus wheel that dominates the top part of the screen. The word ‘jackpot’ sits in a blue semi-circle just above the reels with the orange, yellow and grey segments of the consecutive wheels fanning out above this.

The reels look slightly curved, more so when they are spinning. The pay line is marked in red with a black line crossing from the left. On the right of the reels there are LCD type displays for your bet, credits, paid (current spin), your user name and cash balance. The buttons are below the reels with bet max on the right-hand side.

Unusually for a 3-reel slot, the pay table is on a separate screen. You will find the button in the left-hand side.

Should You Try to Join the Millionaires Club?

The big appeal of this 3-reel slot is the progressive jackpot. It is unusual for a 3-reel game in that there are always symbols on the win-line. Lining these up will keep your bankroll topped up while you try to hit the special symbol to spin the jackpot wheel.

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