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Pirates Treasure Slot

There are some complex pirate themed slots in the Amaya range. Examples include Blackbeard’s Gold and Buccaneers Bounty. Pirate Treasure is their polar opposite. This is a solid 3-reel slot, with a single win-line and zero second screen features.

If you enjoy traditional free slots then the black-bearded pirates will be a welcome sight on the reels. This can pay up to 1600 coins – a big prize for a 2-coin bet. There is one small design touch which catches the eye. When you hit a win, a crab will scuttle across the sand behind the reels.

Setup: How the Pirate Millions Slot Works

This slot is set inside an open treasure chest on a tropical beach. There are 3 curved reels, with a single red win-line going across the center. You will only have two decisions to make before you hit the spin button. This is the size of your coin, and the number of coins per spin. Coin sizes start at just 1c, going up in increments to 5c, 25c, $1 and up. You can adjust these by clicking the red arrows above and below the compass to the right of the reels.

Below the reels there are shells as control buttons. You can bet one or bet max – with max being 2 coins. There is no mathematical advantage to betting the 2nd coin. While some slots have a proportionally bigger jackpot win, this one simply lists prizes at 2x those of single coins.

Once you have set your bet, the middle shell below the reels reads ‘same spin’. There is one more shell. This is to the left of the reels, and shows the pay table. This is already visible (above the reels inside the lid of the treasure chest). This button gives you a full screen version, which is much clearer.

Pirate Treasure Winning Combinations

A pirate, with bold blue hat and black beard, is the highest paying symbol. This pays out 1600 coins for 3 of a kind based on a 2-coin spin. That is 10x the amount of the next biggest prize.

The pirate is also a wild symbol, and has a multiplier effect on wins that it is involved in creating. If one pirate and 2 other symbols create a win, you get 2x what is on the pay table. 2 pirates and 1 symbol on the win-line will get you 4x that prize.

A classic blue and yellow parrot is the second biggest prize symbol. This is worth 160 for 3. The skull and crossbones comes next at 80, with gold coins paying 50 for 3 of a kind.

Barrels and anchors have the same prize – 20 coins for 3. These can be mixed with the gold coins, any combination of those 3 symbols on the win-line will get you 10 coins. There are smaller prizes for just 1 or 2 anchors.

Like with the mechanical slots on which this one is based, you will not always hit the win-line, with symbols often appearing above or below this.

Some Nice Desert Island Design Touches

The treasure chest which houses the reels is on a desert island. The sea and some palm trees are in the background, with a spade and gems in the foreground. While the design is basic enough, there are some small touches which help to bring this to life. When you change your coin size on the ships compass on the right, this spins around. When you win, a crab goes scuttling across the screen from right to left. I also like the way the parrot symbol has a diamond ring held in its beak.

How Does Pirate Treasure Compare?

If you are a fan of the complex video slots you’ll find at online casinos today, this one probably will not appeal. There are plenty of us who still enjoy traditional real money 3-reel slots, and this title is a solid enough example of this type. There are some small touches in the design which make this one stand out a little. Add to this the chance of a 4x multiplier with the wild pirate symbols – and a 1600-coin top prize, and you’ll find plenty of treasure available!


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