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Aristocrat Slot Machines

Aristocrat Leisure Limited is a slot machines manufacturer headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The company is the biggest business in that industry in Australia, and in fact, it’s 2nd only to the USA company International Game Technology (IGT) worldwide. The company employs over 2200 people. Aristocrat has been designing and building slots since 1953.

Aristocrat slots are known for their gaming innovations. Anyone who’s done any research into the slot machine industry has heard the expression “Aussie slots”. The multiple paylines, bonus games, wild symbols, and scatter symbols that are now ubiquitous in the casino gaming experience all stem from the work Aristocrat has done over the last six decades.

The rest of this page focuses on some of the better known games that comprise “Aristocrat slots”.

Most Popular Pokies & Slot Machines

Superman Slots – Superman is one of the most well-known characters in the world. The character was created in Action Comics #1 by artist Joe Shuster and writer Jerry Siegel in 1938. Since then he’s appeared on television, in movies, on the radio, newspaper comic strips, video games, and novels. Superman is the lone survivor of the planet Krypton. He was sent to Earth in a rocket ship by his father, Jor-El, who wanted to save his son from the planet before it exploded. Kal-El was raised by a kindly farming couple in Kansas. He grew up as Clark Kent, who became a report for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. As Superman, he fights foes like Lex Luthor, the Toyman, Bizarro, and Brainiac; as Clark, he juggles relationships with Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White.

I expected that a slots game based on the first-ever superhero, Superman, would be unfortunately related to one of the movies. I was delighted to learn that the game instead focuses more on the comic book version of the character. Superman slots are 5 reel, 25 payline games with 3 free games. The free games are triggered when you get 3 or more Kryptonite symbols.

The game can be set to have a max bet of 240 credits, 450 credits, or 600 credits. Casinos have the option to set the payback percentage on this game to 88%, 89%, 90%, 91%, 92%, or 94%. The game symbols include Superman’s distinctive red shield with its stylized S, as well as the kryptonite symbol, the Lois Lane symbol, and the Clark Kent symbol.

50 Lions Slots –50 Lions” is, of course, an intentional play on words. “Lions” sounds like “lines”, which refers to the game’s signature 50 paylines. 50 Lions slots have a refreshingly distinctive theme—it’s nice to see that a slot machine game can become popular without being attached to an existing intellectual property. The theme isn’t just based on lions; it’s a slot machine game recreation of the African Serengeti—the host of the largest mammal migration in the world and home to a large lion population.

The game features 5 reels and (of course) 50 paylines. The symbols include giraffes, landscapes, lions, tribeswomen, wildflowers, and zebras. Everything is colored in bright oranges and deep blacks, with violet accents. The color scheme reminds me not only of the titular lions, but also of the landscape itself.

You can find this game on the Internet and select casinos, but it’s most popular in land-based casinos. The game is available in denominations ranging from a penny per line per spin to $4 per line per spin. This creates a max bet on the higher denomination of $200 per spin, making this a great game for high rollers. The top jackpot is $4000.

The Sopranos – The Sopranos is a phenomenal mob-themed crime drama that aired on HBO from 1999 until 2007. The show centers on the trials of Tony Soprano, the head of the mob in a city in New Jersey. Not only does he deal with his professional life as a crimelord; he also deals with family issues and is in therapy. The show is also notable for its large ensemble cast.

The slots game has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The symbols are based on characters from the show, including Artie, Bobby, Christopher, Johnny, Paulie, and Toby. Video and audio clips from the show complement the gameplay. The game does feature a progressive jackpot as well as several bonus game features.

The Walking Dead – The Walking Dead originated as a comic book property created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, but it’s gained tremendous notoriety as a television show that premiered in 2010. The show is still being aired on AMC, and it’s the most popular show on cable. The premise is similar to the premise of many zombie movies; the world has gone to hell in a handbasket. The dead rise, walk, and feed on the flesh of the living. Most of the drama focuses on the interplay between the survivors.

The slots game is available to play for a penny per lin per spin, and it features a top jackpot of half a million dollars. The game includes 2 bonus games which involve spinning a wheel—the Atlanta wheel or the CDC (Center for Disease Control) wheel. The symbols include characters and images from the game, including the female protagonist of the first season (Lorrie) and her son (Carl). It also includes the iconic RV, which was featured at the survivors’ campsite through much of the first season.


Aristocrat slots are some of the most famous and exciting slot machine games in the world. Many of them are available to play online or in land-based casinos. All of them feature a wide variety of fun features, including multiple playlines, bonus games, scatters, and wild symbols. Their selection of licensed games, like Superman and Tarzan, are complemented by their original games like 50 Lions and Queen of the Nile. Everyone should make Aristocrat games part of their repertoire.

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