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Most Aristocrat slots are at the ‘low intensity’ end of the range – at least when it comes to the number of features and levels of interaction required. With the Wonder 4 slots machines, they have found a way to make things a lot more interesting for players. This is achieved by splitting the screen into 4 games, and spinning them all at the same time. You’ll get a lot more frequent bonus features, and can enjoy an all-round more intensive slots experience. This is a live casino slot – though with the pace of Aristocrat titles coming online, it would not surprise me to see this game at online casinos soon.

There are actually several versions of the Wonder 4 pokie. The first is the model covered here, which is the most common game. There is also an upgraded ‘Deluxe’ version, which includes 2 more games (Wild Patagonia and Indian Dreaming). You can also find an alternate game which includes the Wicked Winnings slot.

How to Play the Wonder 4 Slot

The first thing you need to do is select your mix of games. There are 4 to choose from; Firelight, Pompeii, Buffalo and Wild Splash. You can select any combination of 4 of the same game through to 4 different ones. Each game takes up a ¼ of the screen, and you spin them all at once for a fixed amount.

This does increase your total spin, you can play all 4 for $2, or hit the max bet and spin for $400 instead. All of the individual slots include the reel power system, so there is no need to select win-lines, you spin the same system on all 4 slots.

The Games

Wonder 4 includes some of the most popular slots from Aristocrat. Buffalo is the main feature, with stacked buffalo symbols and a huge free spins round, many people choose to play 4 of this title at the same time. Firelight has a unique ‘merged reels’ system during the feature round. Reels 1 and 2 show the same symbols side-by-side, which gives you a big boost in terms of winning combos, especially if you hit any wilds in the middle reel. The other games are Pompeii and Wild Splash.

The top symbols vary depending on the individual games. Each has its own way of awarding the bonuses, which is where the action on the Wonder 4 slots really starts to get interesting. Instead of just winning a free spins round on a single set of reels, players will win this over the 4 sets on the screen.

It is this increase spins which is the main draw of this game, for me this is well worth the extra coins. This slot should also help avoid the issues with players who play 2 or more slots at the same time, the problem is solved by having 4 in the same place.

There are some downsides, spins take longer to complete, especially when more than one game triggers something interesting. Of course, if one game starts to slow down the action or get a little repetitive, you can always remove it from the setup and have a second set of a game you like better instead.

Wonder 4 Slots – Conclusion

I like the concept used here. An increase in the action can only be a positive thing for Aristocrat in general – their games are decidedly ‘old school’ in play and features. On the other hand, would it not be better to focus on the improving the game-play and attractiveness of individual slots instead. A good example of this is the recently released White Wizard, which has a unique expanding reels system during the feature.

My concluding thoughts are that combining 4 ordinary slots is a fine idea – which works well. However, creating one amazing slot would be even better.

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