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Arrow’s Edge Gaming – Review, Free Games & History

There are your huge game producers, the likes of Aristocrat and 888 Holding Company, and there are your smaller developers. Arrow’s Edge is most definitely part of the latter group. While not necessarily a bad thing, when it comes to casino game developers, size is definitely a factor when it comes to a company’s capacity to compete in the online casino gaming market.

The verdict on Arrow’s Edge? The company’s top end games are as high quality as you could hope for. They have table game, poker and slot operations that’s as good as some of the upper echelon game developers out there. The biggest issue? As you’ll see, the company’s catalog just isn’t big enough to be considered a true competitor.

Here is a review of the Arrow’s Edge gaming company, and a look at how they compete as a game developer of their relative size.

About Arrow's Edge Gaming

Arrow’s Edge has only been in the game development industry since 2014, but has made a relative impact in that time. Still growing in their market, Arrow’s Edge is committed to innovating for its clients and developing mobile solutions as well as building slots, poker games and other table games that appear in several popular online casinos.

The result has been the growth of a small company that doesn’t try to do more than its size will allow. Sometimes we see small companies that stretch themselves too thin by trying to be an industry leader in multiple facets of the online casino gaming industry, and to their credit, Arrow’s Edge has been competitive in their sector relative to its size.

As of 2018, Arrows Edge games appear in two major online casinos, and their team is developing more and more newer, graphically rich 3D games. It’s easy to imagine Arrow’s Edge challenging the bigger companies that have historically dominated the market, but hard to imagine that they’ll overtake any larger companies any time soon.

How and Where Can You Play Arrow’s Edge Games?

There are only a few online casinos that currently offer players the opportunity to play Arrow’s Edge slots for real money. As of mid-2018, only Drake Casino and Gossip Slots had access to Arrow’s Edge’s library of slots, but the company claims that it hopes to have a wider reach in coming years.

You can play the company’s catalog of slots for free, however, and many of them are entertaining enough to do so happily. Aside from slots, Arrow’s Edge offers video poker and table games including Baccarat, American Roulette, European Roulette Tri-Card Poker and Blackjack. Users report having overall positive experiences with Arrow’s Edge’s line of table games; they are reminiscent of a real casino experience, which is what anyone strives for when creating games of this type.

Arrow’s Edge also has a fairly extensive video poker selection as well. Players in the select casinos that offer the company’s games can choose from various hand sizes and rules, which I think practically guarantees that a person will be able to find a version that they like, assuming they enjoy poker in the first place.

On their site, they advertise a wide variety of tournaments that their clients are licensed to carry out using their slot table games. I don’t have knowledge of any online casinos currently running Arrow’s Edge game tournaments, but the company has a wide capacity for their licensed products to be used in such sweepstakes.

Arrow’s Edge commits itself to be innovative in the way players can play their games. As well as allowing all their games to be available for instant play, they guarantee that all of their video poker, table games and slot games are available for mobile play, which is something that many other casino game developers cannot say.

Arrow’s Edge Slots

The strongest aspect of Arrow’s Edge’s somewhat limited catalog is their slots, or, I should say, some of the slots. See, Arrow’s Edge claims that they’re committed to producing a blend of classic and cutting edge games but there’s a clear difference between the two types. Users report being underwhelmed by the slots that the company claims to be throwbacks to the classics, but impressed by the new, 3D “cutting edge” video slots. Arrow’s Edge does not, at this time, own any officially licensed themes or characters, so all their slot games have to be organic ideas.

Here is a taste of what you’re going to get with Arrow’s Edge video slots.

Time Bender

I’ll start with the cream of the Arrow’s Edge crop. Time Bender is perhaps one of the most visually stunning video slot I’ve ever seen, and the idea is extremely unique. There are few time travel themed slots on the market, and I’d hazard a guess that Time Bender is one of the best of the lot.

From the new age, almost eerie music, to the swirling galaxy graphics and iconography depicting black holes, rips in space and time portals along with the classic poker card symbols, Time Bender is almost as enjoyable just to admire as it is to play.

When it comes to the gameplay, Time Bender doesn’t disappoint. When you “spin” the reels, it sounds like a time machine setting into motion. With all the usual bells and whistles — scatters, wild symbols for bonuses and 40 fixed paylines — Time Bender is enjoyable playing experience from start to finish.

License to Spin

Spies and espionage take center stage for this clever spin on the world of James Bond — just different enough to avoid any copyright issues, of course. A simple, 3 reel slot with 3 horizontal paylines, License to Spin is easy to play, and classically simple. There are no bells and whistles: the classic Bond-esque beauty serves as the wild symbol, and although wins are less common in this game, I found that they paid out more, meaning that overall, RTP was as high as you’d expect with any slot game worth playing.

Music that reminds one of a spy movie and rich animations make License to Spin a video slot that ends up in the win column for its developer.

Star Slots

Star Slots is clearly an homage to Star Wars, and again, it’s just different enough from the actual franchise that Arrow’s Edge doesn’t need a license. Graphically, Star Slots is an ambitious video slot; the graphics are detailed and are a mix of 3D graphics and cartoon art, showing a great eye for art direction on the part of Arrow’s Edge’s design team.

The gameplay is strong. It’s a 5 reel game with 20 paylines and a fast-climbing progressive jackpot. One thing I noticed within just a few spins is that it’s very easy to win free spins and bonuses. This makes the slot enjoyable to play once and motivates slot enthusiasts to keep playing over and over.

Chef Wars

Modeled after the competitive cooking shows that are so popular today, Chef Wars is a simple yet sharp video slot. The player takes the role of one chef in the competition, and symbols that pay out big are dishes revealing the game’s logo, images of your competitor and trophies, presumably for winning the chef competition.

This is a good example of one of the developer’s more popular classic slots. No bells or whistles are needed for this one. A classic 5 reel slot with 20 paylines, players can find a pretty predictable experience when they play this game. However, that doesn’t mean that Chef Wars isn’t an enjoyable slot gaming experience. Lovers of a classic gaming experience will find everything they’re looking for in this classic game.

The Bottom Line

There are some complaints about some of the Arrow’s Edge slots from users reporting that they need a Java download, rather than simply playing instantly with Flash player in a browser, but I didn’t experience any of these issues. Arrow’s Edge has a good, solid gaming portfolio, even if it’s much smaller than bigger companies. With only 20 or so slots as of 2018, and a handful of other games, the company has a long way to go before it can compete with the big boys.

With that being said, the games I played were of exceptionally high quality. Not without exception of course, but Arrow’s Edge slot games were easy to play, graphically rich and intriguing enough to keep playing over and over.