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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what inspired the name of the slot Days of Our Slots. The popular American soap opera Days of Our Lives has been a mainstay of daytime TV since 1965, enormously popular for its intense drama, romance and intrigue. As of 2019, the show was on its 54th season, much longer than the vast majority of shows on TV in any country.

Like Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Slots, from the very small game developer Arrow’s Edge Design, packs drama and intrigue into a video slot game, which seems fairly difficult to do given the limited story potential in a simple slot game. All in all, this one is engaging, immersive and fresh. Days of Our Slots presents a genuinely intriguing soap opera-esque experience with lots of ways to win.

Without further ado, here is our review of the Arrow’s Edge game Days of Our Slots.

Days of Our Slots Features and Background

If you’re a fan of Arrow’s Edge’s other slots, you might be shocked by the simple appearance of this one. The company has a reputation with their history of graphically complex slots like Time Bender, to create games that are intricate and 3 dimensional.Days of Our Slots is unlike many of its creator’s other slots, yet still emanates the playfulness that Arrow’s Edge uses to create entertainment value in all its slot productions.

Days of Our Slots Basic Features

The first thing you’ll notice about Days of Our Slots is that the game resembles the stereotypical set of a real soap opera. Lavish decorations, wealthy, upper class characters and dramatic music set the stage for this spin off of a popular TV genre. The characters in this engaging slot game are Brittney, Conner, Elizabeth, Yvette, Richard and Baby Emma and their story arcs follow predictable paths if you’ve ever seen an American soap opera. More on this later.

Days of Our Slots is a standard 5 reel by 3 column slot with 25 variable paylines, which are pretty easy to hit. Players bet between .25 credits and 250 credits per spin, with a preset auto spin feature. The symbols of the game are standard also: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 offer winnings comparative to the respective card’s worth in poker, and the symbols of each of the unique characters trigger winnings. 5 Brittneys is the highest winning combination, and Baby Emma is a scatter.

Bonuses in Days of Our Slots

The bonuses in this game is where things get truly scandalous. As mentioned, Baby Emma is the scatter in this slot. When 3 of her symbols appear on the reels after a spin, players enter a unique bonus round. Here’s the gist:

  • The Free Spins Round: Brittney attends a masquerade ball in an attempt to find out who has stolen her family’s fortune. Players click on masks and flip them over to reveal other characters. When the player turns over two of the same character, the free spins multiplier is revealed.
  • Bonus Round: Brittney is pregnant and she doesn’t know who the father is. Players click on portraits on the wall to reveal images that trigger bonuses depending on the combinations. This round can kick in at the end of any spin.

Bottom Line: Days of Our Slots

I must say, I judged this slot too harshly when I first saw it due to Arrow’s Edge’s prior reputation as a maker of great, 3D slots. Days of Our Slots isn’t graphically complex, but in terms of gameplay, offers some of the most innovative bonuses and game mechanics in the market for video slots.

The game’s soap opera style bonus rounds, free spins and simplicity creates an infinitely playable, infinitely enjoyable video slot.

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