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Life on the land can be a bit stressful at times; we have insane world leaders, worsening environmental issues, and so much more to worry about. Those sea creatures, on the other hand, get to float about in an endless ocean of adventures. Each day is a day in paradise when you’re living under the sea. Wouldn’t it be nice?

With the Ocean Life slot game by Arrow’s Edge, you can get a taste of life in the water. The bouncy oceanic music and beautiful sunset behind the ocean give this game a truly relaxing feel. Although this appears to be a pretty simple slot game, there are plenty of features to keep it feeling fresh.

Features & How to Play

Unlike most modern slot games, Ocean Life only has 3 reels and 3 rows. There is also just one payline in this game which runs from left to right straight through the center of the reels. There are three different jackpots in this game. The Super Slots Jackpot generally pays out at between 40,000 and 45,000. The Cash Grab Jackpot pays out frequently between 2,000 and 5,000. The Mystery Jackpot pays out exactly when the jackpot amount is at 10,000.

Since Ocean Life doesn’t have tons of paylines or reels, the symbols are pretty simple, too. The sea horse pays between 2x and 10x your bet. The yellow fish pays 10x your bet, the pink fish pays 25x your bet, and the orange fish pays 40x your bet. The octopus pays 50x your bet, the sea turtle pays 60x your bet, the whale pays 80x your bet, and the (wild) dolphin pays 800x your bet. All symbols except for the seahorse will only pay out when you’ve matched 3 on the single payline. If you match any of the 3 types of fishes on a payline, you’ll automatically win $5.

If you land the shark (bonus) symbol on the center payline, you’ll activate the bonus feature. In this game, you have 12 different fish to choose from. When you click on a fish, it will swim to one of four locations: sunken ship, submarine, coral reef, or school of fish. After three fish have swum to one of the four spots, you’ll get the prize listed above that spot.

You can also choose to double up your winnings after a winning round. In this game, you choose between two sides of a coin—the shark or the whale. If you choose the correct side, your winnings will be doubled. If you choose the wrong side of the coin, you’ll lose them all. The double up cap is $25,000.


It’s easy to play Ocean Life online. Arrow’s Edge makes their slot games available for free online through many casino websites. All you have to do is search “Ocean Life” on Google—you don’t even have to sign up to try the game, although you will if you want to play for cash.

There is no mobile version of this game. Adobe Flash Player doesn’t work on mobile devices and there is no downloadable app version of this game on Google Play or the App Store.


It may appear to be an overly simple slot game on the surface, but Ocean Life packs a lot of features into a 3×3 slot game. Between the 3 different types of jackpots, the double up feature, and the bonus feature, you have plenty of opportunities to win without matching 3 symbols.

The single payline is a nice change of pace, too. It may be a little frustrating for players who are used to winning small amounts more often, but it makes for a simple experience that can still yield some really nice prizes.

The feel of this game is also nice. The music and visuals are very relaxing and pleasant, which make it easy to play for hours on end. Anyone who’s looking for something new or something a bit more simple should give Ocean Life a try.

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