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Picture the most uptight, stuffy person you know, and then make them even more uptight and stuffy—that’s what world leaders are like. That is, of course, unless we’re talking about the ones who are absolutely insane and spend their time spreading hatred, bombing other countries, or tweeting. One thing’s for certain: as bad as some of our coworkers are, we can all take comfort in knowing we don’t have to work with politicians.

World Leaders by Arrow’s Edge will have you crying of laughter and jumping for joy, but only if you can stand seeing all of these faces long enough to win a prize. There are some really cool features in this game for an extra bit of fun.

Features & How to Play

There are 5 reels, 3 rows and 18 paylines in World Leaders. The paylines in this game are fixed, which means you can’t toggle them on and off; your line bet will always be multiplied by 18. You can bet as little as $0.02 per line ($0.36 total) and as much as $14.00 per line ($252.00 total). Using the autoplay setting lets you play between 5 and 50 spins automatically.

Although you will get some small rewards for landing 2 or more of a kind of some symbols, most symbols pay for 3 of a kind. The newspaper and cog are the worst, followed by the K and the coins, then then the Korean leader, Indian leader, middle-eastern leader, American leader, Russian leader, and UK leader. The highest reward you can get from any of these symbols is 1,000x your bet per line, a maximum of $14,000.

Every 25 spins a spinning globe pops up in the middle of the screen. You have to stop this globe at a random spot to choose which wild feature is used. There are three different wild features in World Leaders: the UK wild, the Russia wild, and the US wild. In the UK wild, the UK crown wild will make a copy of itself in another position to give you the biggest win possible. The Russian wild moves one reel to the left after each spin and gives you free resipns until there are no wild symbols on the board. The US wild forms a cross of wild symbols to cover 5 spaces.

Landing 3 scatter symbols triggers the bonus game where you get to make a choice between 12 different phones to contact one of four leaders. Once you’ve contacted a leader 3 times the game is over.


You can play World Leaders on your computer simply by finding an online casino that offers an instant play version of the game. With instant play versions, you don’t even have to register for an account, you can just jump right in. Playing for cash does require registration.

You can also play this game on your mobile devices if you wish to. Most online casinos that offer instant play versions of this game will allow you to play on your mobile phone if you rotate it to landscape mode and hold it there while you play.


World Leaders isn’t the greatest slot game you’ll ever play, nor is it the worst. The design of this game isn’t outstanding, but it’s better than a lot of slot games with cheap, overproduced graphics and sounds. The music and sound effects in this game are reasonable and the design looks nice and has a bit of comedy to it.

Being able to change the number of lines would have been nice, as would having a free spins feature, but neither of these factors are too crucial. With a bonus feature, 3 wild features, and 3 different jackpots (and no explanation of how to win them), World Leaders does okay in the features department.

But honestly, your first thought when you try this game will probably be “I’ve played a game exactly like this.” (Except for the wild feature.) World Leaders is somewhere near average, so there are plenty of better games you could be playing.

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