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  • Established - 2002
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Ash Gaming – Review, Free Games & History

Ash Gaming Company, a well-known, established developer, debuted in 2002. The company first came together two years earlier, with the single goal of working towards creating a stunning product. Ash was quick to establish a strong reputation for creating customized products to their individual clients. They later developed their own versions of table games, poker, and instant win games. Today, Ash Gaming continues to produce incredible games, but they do so under industry giant Playtech.

Ash Gaming’s reputation at its heart is on slots. The company worked to create one-of-a-kind bonus structures as well as quality graphics. The storylines were a bit more fully developed than some of their competition. What helps the company to really stand out is its ability to create innovative features rather than rehashing the same products like other developers. The company aims to offer the best games possible, and this shows in the quality materials it produces.

Key Features and Products Produced By Ash Gaming

During its initial years, Ash Gaming was focused on creating custom projects for its customers. At this time, the gaming industry – by today’s standards – was very new. This did not stop Ash Gaming from creating games that are still respected today for its many clients. Over time, Ash Gaming’s products grew and changed with the times, always staying on the cutting edge of innovation in the field. That is one of the key factors that helped Ash Gaming to remain competitive for years to come.

As noted, slots are at the heart of Ash Gaming’s legacy. However, the company developed a solid line of poker games, table games, and instant win products that stand out among the rest. After developing its initial run of custom products, the company began launching their own line of licensed games and products. These games are where the talents of Ash Gaming really stand out. For example, the company’s The X Factor game is easy to see as a mainstream game, one that any novice player can enjoy and get right into. Other games, such as The Life of Brian, are much more detailed and expansive. This game is one that many players found themselves immersed in for its overall quality storyline and graphics.

A Company Breakdown and Current History

Ash Gaming is not the typical casino slot game company. The company offers much more than basic slot games and, in turn, delivers a very impressive result. The game developer’s slot designs remain a driving force behind the company’s efforts. Yet, it is not possible to ignore all of the other products the company – and all of the talented men and women working in it – create. Here are some of the professionals that make this company what it is.

Chris Ash – Chris Ash is the founder of the company. He began developing the company prior to 2000. And, he remains a key player at the company.

Chao Wang – Chao Wang is an important part of the company today though he has not been a part of the organization its entire lifespan. Rather, he is currently the senior developer there. He has worked with Ash Gaming and Playtech (we’ll get into more of this in a moment) since 2011. Chao’s history is impressive having graduated from the Imperial College London and going on to work for Gooii and Yahoo! His influence is very much present in most of the games being developed today.

James Owens – James Owens has been with Ash Gaming since 2015. Though he may be a newer member to the company, he has continued to offer some impressive benefits. He is a graduate of the University of Hertfordshire. As a sports fanatic, he is one of the influences behind the company’s game development.

Ash Gaming and Playtech

Big changes took place in 2011. At that time, Ash Gaming received an offer from Playtech, one of the largest and most valuable of all casino game development companies. As one of the largest software companies on the planet, Ash Gaming really did not have much of an ability to turn away from the company’s offer. Still, this has not changed the company’s overall ability to create stunning content. In fact, Ash Gaming has remained much the same as it has been even though it has changed hands.

With a $30 million buyout, there is no way that the company could say no. However, the company’s ownership and founder promised to keep the core development team in place after the buyout. This is one of the most important reasons the company remains competitive today. The actual details of the transaction were not disclosed, but the company’s development team remains intact and the products continue to be developed.

Some of the Latest Games for Ash Gaming

A quick search on any gaming platform reveals a wide range of games developed by or at least in part by Ash Gaming. Here is a quick look at a few of the games the company has released right now.

  • 888 Casino – This is one of the company’s most respected of slot games. It offers a large bonus and does not require a deposit to achieve that bonus. Good graphics, overall easy to use, and designed to be efficiently played, 888 Casino is a simple option for anyone looking for a game to play.
  • Amazon Wild – This game offers a few key benefits that help it to be a favorite. For example, it has 3-dimensional graphics that help it to be one of the more modern options. The Amazon rainforest theme is well executed. The game is a 5-reel, 100-paylot slot game. There are multiple bonus opportunities throughout it.
  • Britain’s Got Talent – As a UK gaming development company, the production of this game by Ash Gaming was simply a must. The game offers five reels and 20 pay lines. It is a fun theme that attracts the younger crowd pulling from the popular television show of the same name.
  • King Arthur – This game offers a five reel slot setup that offers a Camelot-inspired theme. The game has good graphics, though basic. There’s a bonus round embedded into the game.
  • Time Machine – Another fun 20 pay line slot game, Time Machine is a tried and true product. It takes users back through a variety of settings and offers a simple theme that is easy to get into.
  • Respinner – The company recreated a modern take on this classic game with the use of Respinner. It has the traditional features most would recognize including bars and cherries. The big difference here is that there are bonus rounds with some nice potential benefits including those that allow the user to win up to 5,000 times their initial wager!
  • Winnings of Oz – A fun twist on the movie from 1939, this game is full of color and has a simple design. It has 25 pay lines as well as numerous bonus rounds. There is a progressive jackpot built into it and plenty of free spins to be giving out.
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – Another game modeled after a popular television show, this one offers an interesting setup and a progressive jackpot. There is an opportunity here to win big – perhaps even becoming the promised millionaire! The game is a 50 pay line setup and one of the more popular options provided by the company.

Games Aside, Ash Gaming Has Much to Offer

For those who are looking for a gaming company to monitor for new developments, there is little doubt that Ash Gaming should be a key part of that. The company, under Playtech, continues to build outstanding products and it is working to further advance its virtual casinos using innovative designs and software tools.

The company is based in London with a workforce that is very diverse. Employees range from those in Spain, Poland, and China. There are fantastic graphics in the games and good storylines that are sure to engage even those who may not have a clue about casino games – as well as those who are passionate about them.

Ash Gaming is likely to continue on developing new games. And while it may offer new poker and instant play games, the company is likely to continue to focus on slot games – where much of its success has come since its founding in 2002. Expect new games to offer advances in style and graphics along with the software and overall storylines that this company has become so well known for.

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