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Created and distributed by Bally Technologies, Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller is a land-based slot that’s meant to serve as a companion to the popular Betty Boop’s Love Meter. This 5-reel, 40-payline machine provides the opportunity for 15 bonuses during any game, and the player is able to directly interact with the screen via Bally’s U-Spin Fortune Wheel.

In this article, it’s my goal to provide some background information about Betty Boop and her latest slot machine incarnation. By the time you’ve finished reading, you should be informed enough to start planning your next trip to Las Vegas.

History of Betty Boop

Created by animators Max Fleischer and Grim Natwick (among others), Betty Boop debuted in 1930 in the form of an anthropomorphic French poodle modeled after singer Helen Kane (who would later file a $250,000 lawsuit). She became a full-time human the following year, known for her cute button nose and attire that caricatured the appearance of a Jazz Age flapper.

It wasn’t long before she was known as “The Queen of the Animated Screen,” starring in both the Talkartoon series and her own self-titled films. She was especially popular among adult audiences, as her carefree nature appealed to those forced to endure the tough times of the Depression.

Betty was also unique in that she was a sex symbol, despite the fact that she was only 16 years old. While dressed in high heels and garters, she was frequently placed in situations that threatened her virtue. Luckily, she always managed to escape with her virginity intact, which once prompted her to sing “Don’t Take My Boop-Oop-A-Doop Away.”

The character began to decline in 1934, when strict morality regulations were imposed on all Hollywood films. Her shaking hips were deemed immoral, and her style of dress was toned down. Eventually, the former flapper character was transformed into something more resembling a wise spinster.

Her last animated films were released in 1939, and her comic strip was discontinued in 1937. Betty enjoyed a resurgence in the 1950s when 110 of her appearances were sold to a distributor of TV cartoons, and sales of her merchandise have enjoyed solid success from the 1980s until the present.

In 2002, TV Guide ranked her #17 on their list of the 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time. Seven years later, readers of a UK newspaper voted her the second sexiest cartoon character of all time (behind Jessica Rabbit).


All Bally Slot Games

Availability of the Slot

This machine was created for brick-and-mortar casinos by Bally, and it’s primarily found in North American gaming establishments. However, Betty Boop’s popularity has slowly spread across the globe, so there’s always a chance of stumbling across one in the casinos of Australia or Macau. No matter where you choose to play, just keep your ears open and listen for the distinctive sound of Betty’s voice (which sounds a lot like modern-day comic book character Harley Quinn).

If you won’t be around a land-based casino in the near future, you can also try the slot by playing the free online app designed for mobile devices. This version doesn’t allow any money to be wagered, but it should still give caution gamblers an idea of whether or not it’s something they might want to seek out during a future gaming excursion.

Game Symbols

The designers at Bally have always preferred substance over style, which is why a lot of their games aren’t that impressive in a visual sense. While this title looks like a professional game, those expecting cartoon clips or loads of 3D animation are likely to be disappointed.

The majority of the symbols range from generic playing card icons to something you might find decorating the interior of an astrologer’s house. Even the bonus options are just a collection of colored cards, so there’s not a lot to get excited about.

Bonus Games

When the U-Spin icon appears on reels one, three, and five, the fortune bonus wheel is activated. The player is then asked to initiate a spin by physically touching the screen, which sets a collection of colored tarot cards into motion.

There are 15 available bonus options, and these can be obtained regardless of the size of your wager. They include the following:

  • 3 Free Spins with 2 Wild Reels
  • Spin till You Win! Free Games at 10x
  • Signs of the Zodiac Free Games (with locking wilds)
  • 10 Free Spins with 1 Wild Reel
  • U-Choose Crystal Ball Free Games
  • Pudgy’s Prediction Jackpot
  • U-Choose Free Games
  • Tarot Reading
  • Betty’s Healing Crystals
  • Crystal Ball Free Games with More Free Games
  • Palm Reading
  • Pudgy’s Magical Multiplier Free Games
  • Boop-Oop-A-Doop Jackpot
  • U-Choose Free Spins
  • Crystal Ball Free Games with Advancing Multiplier

One of my favorites is the palm reading option, as it requires the player to actually place their hands on the corresponding outlines on the gaming surface. You’ll then receive information regarding your life line, heart line, success line, and fate line, with each delivering a bonus multiplier.

Some players might get nervous at the prospect of a palm or card reading, but keep in mind that this is just as slot machine. Bally has no desire to upset customers, so you’ll never receive a dire omen or prediction.

Progressive Jackpots

Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller has three progressive jackpots to shoot for. The least valuable is referred to as the Boop-Oop-A-Doop Jackpot, and it’s usually worth somewhere in the range of a few hundred dollars. Pudgy’s Predictions Jackpot is the middle payout, and it can climb into the thousands. The final, and most valuable, is the Betty’s Fortune Jackpot, and it’s been known to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to its lucky winners.

The machine is usually part of a wide-area progressive network. However, some casinos have it as a near-area progressive, which means the top jackpot may not climb as high.


Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller is big, noisy, and has a huge progressive payout. This makes it the prototypical Vegas slot machine, which explains why gamblers are lining up to give it a try. The fortune wheel and its 15 bonus options are especially innovative, and the game’s theme is sure to delight anyone who considers themselves a fan of this spunky creation from the 1930s.