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Cash Wizard is a five-reel, 30-payline slot machine from Bally Technologies. The theme involves magic and mystery, with the main character taking the form of a childlike rendering of a classic sorcerer. If you’ve yet to experience this title, the following article is meant to get you up to speed.


Cash Wizard was originally created as a slot machine for brick-and-mortar establishments, but its popularity led to an online adaptation within a few years. It can now be found at most of the virtual casinos that choose to carry games from Bally.

Over the last decade, mobile casinos have went from a novelty to an accepted part of the industry. The majority of top gambling sites offer some manner of option for smartphones and iPads, and Cash Wizard can be found among these available titles.

Total Cost and Wizard Bonus Bet

Most slots allow the player to activate one or more paylines, but Bally requires all lines to be active during a spin. This may rub some gamblers the wrong way, but at least you’ll never have to worry about missing out on a win because you suddenly decided to become a cheapskate.

The player has 21 different wagering options. The lowest amounts range from 0.01 to 0.10, while more ambitious gamblers are likely to gravitate towards the larger wagers of 5.00 through 8.00.

Regardless of which amount you choose, you’ll also be required to pay an additional wager known as the Wizard Bonus Bet. This is equal to 20x the stake per line, which is then added to the base cost in order to determine the player’s total risk.

For example, let’s say I wanted to risk 0.01 on the game’s 30 paylines. That gives me a base cost of 0.30, but I still have to pay the Wizard Bonus Bet. The latter comes to a total of 0.20 (20 x 0.01), so the overall cost per spin would be 0.50 (0.30 + 0.20).

So what do you get for this extra investment? Well, on any spin that doesn’t result in an Invisible Ink Feature, Free Games Feature, or Magic Potions Feature, the game may decide to randomly award you with the Mystery Wheel Feature or Wizard Wild.

Cash Wizard Pay Table

Some slots offer a fixed pay table, but the payout values on Bally games increase with the size of your wager. This makes it difficult to list all available options in the space provided, so let’s look at an example based on a 0.10 stake per line (which results in a 5.00 wager with the Wizard Bonus Bet factored in).

  • Wild – Substitutes for all symbols besides the scatter and bonus icons. Pays 1.00 for two matches, 10.00 for three, 50.00 for four, and 500.00 for five.
  • Red Gem – Pays 0.50 for two matches, 2.50 for three, 25.00 for four, and 100.00 for five.
  • Green Gem – Pays 0.50 for two matches, 2.00 for three, 10.00 for four, and 50.00 for five.
  • Purple Gem – Pays 1.50 for three matches, 5.00 for four, and 40.00 for five.
  • Ace – Pays 1.00 for three matches, 2.50 for four, and 30.00 for five.
  • King – Pays 1.00 for three matches, 2.00 for four, and 20.00 for five.
  • Queen – Pays 1.00 for three matches, 1.50 for four, and 15.00 for five.
  • Jack – Pays 0.50 for three matches, 1.20 for four, and 10.00 for five.
  • Nine and Ten – Pays 0.50 for three matches, 1.00 for four, and 7.50 for five.

Wizard Wild Bonus Feature

This feature can be randomly triggered at the start of any spin during the base game. When this occurs, the wizard appears and awards the player with two to five wild symbols. These icons are held in place until the conclusion of the spin, and they serve the same role as any other wild. While this feature is activate, no other bonuses can be achieved.

Mystery Wheel Bonus Feature

This feature is sometimes awarded when a spin of the reels results in no other bonus being triggered. When this occurs, the player receives a single spin on the mystery wheel. This can result in five to 20 free games, a bonus award of 100.00 to 10,000.00 credits, or the activation of the Free Games Bonus Feature.

Free Games Bonus Feature

This feature can be triggered via the Mystery Wheel Bonus or when the player gets three Free Games symbols on the second through fourth reels during the base game. In the case of the latter, the customer is awarded 15 complimentary spins.

As a reward for activating this feature, the player receives 2x the triggering wager. During the free spins, all wins are tripled. If the More Free Games symbol appears on reels two through four during the bonus round, then additional spins are added to the player’s total.

Magic Potions Bonus Feature

Activated when the Magic Potion icon appears on reels one through three, this feature presents seven potions on the screen. The gambler also gets a reward of 10x the triggering wager for activating the feature.

The player must pick one potion at a time, winning the cash prize that’s revealed within the container. If a cursed potion is selected, then the round comes to an end. Bonus values accumulate during play, and they can range from 10x to 760x the stake per line (times the number of initiating paylines).

Invisible Ink Bonus Feature

This feature is activated when the Invisible Ink icon turns up on reel three during the base game. At this point, the player receives a random amount from 2x to 20x the total stake in play (excluding the bonus bet).

Cash Wizard Payback Percentage

The long-term expected payback on this slot is 93.99%. That means, on average, the player should win back 93.99 for every 100.00 put into the machine.


While I wish the return-to-player percentage was a bit higher, the Cash Wizard slot from Bally offers plenty of likable features. From the five bonus rounds to the whimsical graphics and sounds, this title is sure to deliver a magical experience to even the most finicky player.

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