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Bally Technologies loves Asian-themed games, and Dragon Spin is just one of many such creations from the company. This is a five-reel slot with 30 paylines, and it includes a bonus wheel that unlocks a trio of free-spin rounds. While it originated in land-based casinos, it has since made the transition to the virtual world of PC and mobile gaming.

Like most Bally slots, Dragon Spin isn’t a visual wonder. The symbols are solid and professional, but there’s a distinct lack of imagination on display.

The music on the base game is odd-yet-appealing, as it combines traditional Asian music with a techno beat and an echo effect. I also enjoyed the fact that the music fades out and stops if the reels aren’t spinning.

Cost to Play

This 30-payline game was created by Bally, which means that all paylines have to be activated during a spin. While those on a strict budget might not be pleased with this policy, there are still plenty of affordable denominations to choose from.

For just a penny per line, a thrifty player can spin the reels for a minimum wager of 0.30. Other small totals include 0.60 and 0.90, and there are a total of 28 per-line denominations to choose from. In the case of high rollers, the three largest bets-per-spin include 120.00, 90.00, and 75.00.

If you’re fond of risking thousands of dollars per spin, then this game may not be what you’re looking for. The mass of players, however, should find it more than satisfactory.

Return to Player

The return-to-player measures the long-term payout for any given slot machine. If, for example, a game pays back 96.00 for every 100.00 wagered, then the return to player (or “RTP”) would be listed as 96%.

According to the manufacturer, the RTP for Dragon Spin is 95.94%. I’ve seen other Bally slots that are higher or lower than this mark, so this is somewhere in the slightly-above-average range.

Base Game Paytable

The following table lists the winnings combinations and potential payouts on Dragon Spin. Please note that payouts change based on the amount of money risked by the player, and the examples below are for a modest bet of 1.20.

  • Jade Bonus Icon – If three of these symbols appear on the reels, the player receives an award worth 1.20. In addition, they’ll receive five spins in one of three possible bonus games.
  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 – These poker icons all have the same payout values of 0.08 for three matches, 0.40 for four, and 0.80 for five.
  • Green, Purple, Blue, and Red Dragons – Each of these symbols offers the same payout. These include 0.20 for three matches, 0.80 for four, and 2.00 for five.
  • Wild Symbol – In addition to substituting for other symbols, this icon pays 0.80 for three matches and 2.00 for four. The wild only appears on the Mystery Stacked Reels.

As you may have noticed, the base game doesn’t offer a lot of variety in terms of payouts. On most slots, the higher symbols are all worth different amounts, but that’s not the case with Dragon Spin.

Mystery Stacked Reels

Each reel on the base game contains stacked mystery symbol positions. When a new spin begins, these positions are replaced with one to three random icons. All symbols on each reel are replaced with the same icon per spin. The wild symbol is only available here, and positions may be replaced with any icon except the bonus.

Dragon Spin Bonus Feature

In order to activate the bonus round, the player needs to get a jade bonus symbol on reels two through four. When this occurs, the player receives one spin on the Dragon Spin Wheel in order to determine which bonus round is activated.

Raining Wilds Free Game

The player receives five free games, and three to 10 wilds are randomly awarded at the beginning of each spin. Wilds are held in place until the turn has completed, and additional free spins cannot be triggered.

During this round, the symbols have the same value as the base game. The only difference is the wild icon, as the player can also earn a payout for five matches (instead of just three or four).

Persisting Wilds Free Game

Once again, the player receives five free spins to begin this round (which can’t be re-triggered). Persisting wilds may appear during any spin, and they stay locked into position until the bonus phase is over.

  • During the first spin, one or two persisting wilds may appear.
  • During the second spin, one or two persisting wilds may appear.
  • During the third spin, one or two persisting wilds may appear.
  • During the fourth spin, one to three persisting wilds may appear.
  • During the final spin, two to seven persisting wilds may appear.

Reel Blast Free Game

If this option comes up on the Bonus Wheel, the player earns five free spins (which can’t be re-triggered). Each game is played on three-reel sets with a shared Reel Blast center reel (which covers reels two through four). Unlike the other bonus rounds, the player must get four or five matches in order to receive a payout.


The Dragon Spin slot from Bally is a decent option for players looking to risk a low to intermediate amount. The lack of payout diversity on the reels is a slight cause for concern, but the appearance of the bonus rounds keeps things interesting for the customer.

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