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The Duck Dynasty slot machine from Bally Technologies made its land-based casino debut in 2014,  and it’s been drawing large crowds of players ever since. Based on the hit reality series of the same name, it features multiple bonus games, clips from the show, and an impressive progressive jackpot.

About Duck Dynasty

Phil Robertson, a former quarterback for Louisiana Tech University, founded Duck Commander in 1972. The business was originally based in a boat in West Monroe, Louisiana, and their signature product was (and still is) a duck call that bears the name of the company. The creation of the latter came as a result of Phil’s dissatisfaction with other duck calls that were available at the time.

The family business stayed afloat for decades, but it exploded in popularity when the Robertson clan was hired for an A&E reality show based on their lives. With their distinctive beards and outspoken Christian beliefs, the Robertson men became an instant sensation.

The premiere episode drew in 1.81 million viewers, and these numbers steadily rose throughout the season. The fourth season opener was the most successful, drawing a record-setting crowd of 11.77 million (at the time, the most-watched nonfiction cable series).

Over the show’s 10 seasons, it has generated more than $400 million in merchandise sales, transforming the family-run Duck Commander business into a household name. While the original show ended in March of 2017, the franchise continues with spin-offs such as Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty and Going Si-Ral.

Game Symbols

Since the slot is adapted from the popular Duck Dynasty television show, you can expect lots of symbols related to the outdoors. These include ducks, deer, and fish, but the most notable icons involve the actual cast members of the show. Here’s a rundown of the latter, as well as a brief description of these redneck superstars.

  • Phil – The patriarch of the Robertson family and founder of the Duck Commander company. He was almost suspended from the show after comments in a GQ interview were deemed anti-gay, but his fans and family prevented such a move.
  • Miss Kay – Marsha Kay Robertson is the wife of Phil. A former cheerleader and debutante, she’s best-known for her love of cooking.
  • Si – Silas Robertson is the brother of Phil, a retired member of the United States Army, and a Vietnam veteran. He’s known for his unique catch-phrases, his green cup filled with iced tea, and his prowess as a storyteller.
  • Jace – Jason Robertson is the second son of Phil and Miss Kay. He prefers hunting and fishing over work, even though he’s the COO of the Duck Commander operation.
  • Willie – The third son of Phil and Miss Kay, Willie used his business acumen to transform Duck Commander into a gold mine. He often wears a bandana on his head, and he’s known for being an outspoken member of the Christian faith.
  • Korie – The wife of Willie Robertson and the mother of his six children. A graduate of Harding University, she serves as the office manager for Duck Commander. On the base game, her likeness offers the lowest payout.

Miss Kay’s Turtle Quest

This pick ‘em bonus is activated at random. When this occurs, eight virtual turtles are presented for the player to select from. Each has a credit value hidden underneath, and the gambler gets to choose three of them. As an added bonus, scenes from the TV show play between each selection.

Korie’s Shopping Spree

Another randomly triggered bonus, this game starts with a video clip from the show. It then transitions into a pick ‘em game, where the player can choose one of nine pieces of expensive jewelry on the screen. Each symbol has a prize hidden behind it, and these include credit amounts and additional picks.

Bonus Wheel

If the Bonus Wheel symbol turns up on reels two, three, and four, the player gets to spin a Duck Dynasty-themed wheel of fortune. This can result in one of several bonus rounds being activated. In order to spin, just put your hand on the screen.

In addition to the bonus games, the wheel offers winning multipliers. If one of these turns up, then the player gets to spin the Duck Commander wheel and combine the prize amount with the multiplier they just earned.

The available bonus rounds include the following:

Froggin’ Free Games – The player is awarded eight free spins during this bonus phase of the game. Each time the reels stop, frogs at the bottom of the screen randomly flick their tongues across the reels. This converts some into stacked wilds, greatly enhancing the player’s chance of getting a big payout.

Lucky Ducks Bonus – The player is asked to choose from among five duck calls, each with a hidden cash value. Once the selection has been made, the player must press the item on the screen to activate its unique sound. This results in ducks showing up to answer the call, and each one raises the amount of the bonus multiplier.

Fishing for Credits – The bonus begins with a scene from the show, then a virtual tackle box appears on the screen. Once it opens, the player is presented with a number of lures and asked to select three.

Each time a lure is picked, the player must swipe the screen in order to use a rod and reel to cast it into the water. When the player hooks a fish, the payout is based on the type of aquatic animal captured. Of course, you might also snag an old boot, although that’s still worth a small number of credits.

Willie’s Bullseye Bonus – The player takes on Willie in an accuracy contest with a bow and arrow. The better you perform, the higher the cash prize.

The Si Show

This is another wheel of fortune bonus, although you’ll also get to see Si gyrating in slow motion while the spin is made. The player can win from 125 to 1,000 credits, as well as a multiplier from 1x to 7x.

Duck Commander Wheel

This is a virtual wheel of fortune packed with different credit values. The player gets a single spin, winning whatever amount turns up (which may also be combined with a winning multiplier).

Sights and Sounds

When I think of a casino slot machine, this is exactly the sort of game that I imagine. There’s never a dull moment on the screen, and both the visual and audio effects combine to make it a winner. It’s even got “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top, so fans of outrageous beards are sure to be in hog heaven.

I found the highlight to be the clips from the TV show, although those who aren’t fans might consider them a bit repetitive. Whether Miss Kay is collecting turtles or Si is finishing a sentence with the word “Jack,” these clips serve as a reminder about the show’s folksy charm and enduring popularity.

Progressive Jackpot

The Duck Dynasty slot is a progressive machine, and it frequently offers payouts that can be described as “life-changing.” It’s not unusual to see cash prizes in excess of a million dollars, and even the unluckiest player is going to walk away with a six-figure payout.

In order to win this prize, you’ll need to get five Duck Dynasty logo symbols on an active payline with a max credits wager. If a wild symbol helps create the payline, then the progressive payout won’t occur.


When it comes to brick-and-mortar casino games, the Duck Dynasty slot machine from Bally Technologies is one of the most entertaining options currently available. Not only does it offer a chance at a huge progressive jackpot, but the myriad of bonus rounds and colorful clips are sure to hold the attention of even the most distracted player. The series may have ended in 2017, but I expect this title to remain popular for years to come.

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