Grease Slots Machine

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Released in 1978, Grease is a musical romantic comedy that depicts the tumultuous courtship between two students at Rydell High School during the late 1950s. It stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as the teenage lovers, and the soundtrack is packed with hits including “Grease,” “Summer Nights,” and “You’re the One That I Want.”

Bally is always on the lookout for possible slot machine adaptations, and it didn’t take them long to jump all over this property. Fans and critics alike regard the motion picture as a classic, and the Grease slot machine includes plenty of songs and clips from the original.

If one slot machine isn’t enough for you, Grease obliges by presenting two screens with 5×3 layouts and 25 lines apiece. This is the first of its kind from Bally, and a minimum wager of 60 credits activates all 50 paylines and bonus features.

Grease Scatter Multipliers

When Grease scatter symbols show up on the center reels of the two screens, your cash awards are bound to go through the roof. That’s because these icons trigger a winning multiplier, as shown on the list below.

  • 5 Grease symbols = 3x multiplier
  • 6 symbols = 5x
  • 7 symbols = 10x
  • 8 symbols = 25x
  • 9 symbols = 50x
  • 10 symbols = 1,000x

If that wasn’t enough, filling up the center reels with 10 scatters also awards the top progressive jackpot. When that happens, get ready to move up to a whole new tax bracket.

Progressive Jackpot

Grease is a penny progressive with linked, wide-area, or near-area jackpots. There are five levels to be had, and the first four are available at any bet level. The top prize, however, can only be captured with the maximum wager.

Here are some examples of what kind of award you can expect to win:

  • Level One – 50.20
  • Level Two – 101.17
  • Level Three – 201.09
  • Level Four – 1,000.47
  • Level Five – 750,705.05

While 10 scatters delivers the top progressive, the smaller payouts can be activated via the How Cool Are You? Bonus.

T Bird Mystery Wilds

Appearing randomly on the base game, this feature includes a number of Grease characters who appear on the reels and award between two and five wild symbols. This can result in up to 10 possible wilds, which further enhances your chances of winning.

Yearbook U-Spin Bonus

In order to unlock this bonus, you’ll need to get the yearbook symbol on the second, third, and fourth reels of either game screen. A virtual yearbook then appears on the screen, and the player uses Bally’s U-Spin play mechanic to flip through the pages. This activates one of the bonus rounds, with the following options available.

How Cool Are You?

Four hot rods are depicting on the I-Deck control board, and the player is asked to choose one of them. You’ll then be taken to a multi-level video display, where the car moves upwards and collects cash awards along the way. If you’re lucky, this phase of the game can even tap into the four smaller progressives.

Too Pure to Be Pink

This is a multi-level pick ‘em feature, and the player is awarded three selections each time. Levels include wigs, bad girl accessories, and various movie characters. When you select a symbol or picture, you’ll be awarded the corresponding cash value that’s hidden underneath.

Pink Lady Pick ‘Em

In this pick ‘em feature, the player is presented with real-life images of Jan, Rizzo, Marty, and Frenchy. Select your favorite bad girl by pressing the screen, and you’ll then be presented with the credit amount hidden beneath them.

Rydell High Pick ‘Em

If you prefer members of the Rydell High School staff, then select this pick ‘em option. You’ll see images of McGee, Coach, Eugene, and Blanche, and all you have to do is choose one of them by touching the screen. Each character conceals a credit amount, and you’ll win the prize associated with your selection.

T Bird Pick ‘Em

This is the final pick ‘em bonus available in the game, and it focuses on everyone’s favorite gang of teenage greasers. Images of Sonny, Putzie, Kenickie, and Doody appear, and it’s up to the player to choose one. Each character has a hidden credit value, so you’ll collect the amount associated with the T Bird of your choice.

The One That I Want Free Games

The player receives five free spins on both screens. The Wild Sweep play mechanic is included, which also causes entire reels of wilds to move from right to left with each spin.

Dance Off Free Games

This feature awards up to 15 free slot games, and the player has a chance to interact with the game via the I-Deck touch panel. Choose a dance move at various points in the bonus, earning either two free spins, a wild reel, or 5x the total bet.


Bally’s Grease slot machine is one of my favorites, as it offers movie clips, catchy tunes, plenty of bonus features, and multiple progressive jackpots. Players on a budget can enjoy it without breaking the bank, while more ambitious gamblers can wager thousands of dollars per spin. No matter what you’re looking for in a casino game, Grease is the word.