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Designed and manufactured by Bally Technologies, the Hot Spin slot machine is a three-reel, 27-line video slot that features U-Spin. The latter is a mechanic that’s enjoyed increased popularity over the last few years, most notably during its inclusion on the celebrated Cash Spin game.

Hot Spin is somewhat unique among slots, as it allows players to select both the win multiplier and wheel bonus frequency. This can lead to some truly impressive payouts, especially for those who are bold enough to commit a sizable portion of their bankroll to a session on the Hot Spin reels.

Whether you’ve played this game before or have just discovered it, this article should provide you with a basic overview of what’s to be expected. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll just need to find the nearest land-based casino offering the game and start planning your next excursion.

Cost Per Spin

On each spin of the reel, the player can choose to wager up to 200 credits. Since an individual credit can be worth anywhere from 0.01 to 50.00, a single rotation of the wheels costs a minimum of 2.00 and a maximum of 10,000.00.

Picking a Symbol

Once the player has deposited credits into the game, they’ll be able to pick one of six reel symbols to determine the wheel payouts and frequency of spins. If you want the wheel to spin more often with lower payouts, then choose the bar, five bar, or green seven icons. For those who prefer larger payouts and less rotations of the wheel, I suggest the blue seven, red seven, or wild symbols.

So how much does this actually matter? Well, according to an instructional video released by Bally, selecting the bar icon would result in the bonus occurring about every 20 plays with an average pay of 3x the total wager. On the other end of the spectrum, picking the wild symbol would result in the bonus appearing about every 2,000 plays, although the average pay would be 336x the total bet.

U-Spin Wheel Bonus

In order to activate this bonus round, the player needs to get three symbols matching the icon they selected at the beginning of the game. For example, a player who selected the red seven as their chosen icon would need to get a trio of these symbols on or within the center payline to bring up the big wheel.

Once this occurs, the gamer is prompted to spin the wheel by touching the screen. Thanks to Bally’s innovative technology, both the speed and direction of rotation can be influenced by the player.

When the wheel stops, the player receives credits based on the result of the spin. Options include credit amounts, as well as the Super Jackpot progressive. Thanks to the game’s dynamic pay table, the prizes change based on the player’s chosen symbol and bet level.

Free Games Feature

In order to activate this bonus, you’ll need to get the scattered Free Games icon in the center of all three reels. When this occurs, you’ll receive 10 free games.

The win multiplier for the free games starts at x1. However, each time a Free Games symbol is collected, this multiplier increases by one (for a maximum of x10).

Progressive Jackpot

If the wheel bonus and free spins weren’t enough, the game also features a single-level progressive jackpot that can be won with any wager. In order to capture this cash amount, you’ll need to activate the wheel and land on one of the Super Jackpot wedges.

Maximum Payout

The game’s top non-progressive payout is worth 500,000 credits, which is multiplied by the chosen denomination to determine an overall cash prize. If, for example, a player risked the minimum of 0.01, they would win 5,000.00. Meanwhile, a maximum denomination of 50.00 would be worth a staggering 25,000,000.00. I know that last number seems hard to believe, but keep in mind that it requires a per-spin wager of 10,000.00.

Mobile and PC Versions

Hot Spin was originally developed for brick-and-mortar casinos, but it’s since been adapted for the virtual market. Gamblers who use a PC can find it at most online gambling sites running Bally titles, while mobile gamers can download it from iTunes for just $1.99.


If you’ve ever felt that slot machines don’t give players enough control, then I suggest trying Hot Spin from Bally Technologies. The payout size and bonus frequency are directly chosen by the gambler, and the denominations are suitable for both low and high rollers. Winnings can be increased by a multiple up to 336x, and the single-level progressive can turn anyone into a multi-millionaire.

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