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In the Lady Robin Hood slot machine from Bally Technologies, players are treated to a revisionist look at the popular character from English folklore. Now, instead of a green-clad male hero, the main character is a beautiful woman intent on stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Bally requires all lines on their slots to be active, which means this 40-payline machines costs a minimum of 0.40 (using the lowest denomination of 0.01). There are a total of 19 denominations to choose from, with the highest being 10.00 per line (400.00 total stake).

Lady Robin Hood Paytable

A slot machine paytable is a useful guide for the player, as it details the game’s symbols and lists their corresponding prizes. Most slot companies list a payout amount that’s meant to be multiplied by the player’s base wager. Bally does things differently, though, as they calculate the total winnings and list them for the player’s convenience.

In the following list, I’m using a 2.00 stake as an example. If you want to earn greater sums of cash on a winning line, then you’ll need to up the size of your wager.

  • Wild – This icon doesn’t offer a payout of its own, but it does substitute for other symbols to help create a winning combination.
  • Free Game – Another symbol without its own payout, the Free Game icon acts as the scatter. When three of these show up on the reels, the Free Games Bonus Feature is activated (at 2x total stake).
  • Ten and Jack – These icons pay 0.25 for three matches, 0.50 for four, and 2.50 for five.
  • Queen – Pays 0.25 for three matches, 0.75 for four, and 2.50 for five.
  • King – Pays 0.50 for three, 0.75 for four, and 2.50 for five.
  • Ace – Pays 0.50 for three matches, 1.00 for four, and 2.50 for five.
  • Bag of Coins – Likely taken from a corrupt noble or greedy merchant, this bag of gold and silver pays 0.50 for three matches, 1.00 for four, and 2.50 for five.
  • Chalice and Flagon – Both symbols pay 0.50 for three, 1.00 for four, and 3.75 for five.
  • Dagger – Used for dispatching heroes and villains alike, this lethal instrument pays 0.10 for two matches, 0.75 for three, 2.50 for four, and 3.75 for five.
  • Quiver of Arrows – If you’re going to be a famous archer, you’re going to need plenty of ammunition. This symbol pays 0.10 for two matches, 0.75 for three, 2.50 for four, and 3.75 for five.
  • Lady Robin Hood – This striking heroine pays 0.10 for two matches, 1.50 for three, 3.75 for four, and 5.00 for five.

All pays, with the exception of the scatter, start on the leftmost reel. If two wins occur on the same line, only the highest value is paid. Scatter pays are multiplied by the value of the overall stake.

Arrow Mystery Wild Feature

On any spin during the base game, there’s a chance that two to eight wild symbols may appear on reels two through five. While it doesn’t have a cash value of its own, the symbol does substitute for all icons except the Free Games scatter.

If a Free Games symbol would land in a space where the wild is located, then it counts as both a Wild and Free Games icon. Line pays are awarded after all wild substitutions have taken place.

Bull’s Eye Feature

In order to activate the game’s primary bonus, you’ll need to get Free Games symbols on reels one, three, and five. When this occurs, the player receives 10 free games at 2x the stake in play. Additional spins can’t be earned during this phase.

When the bonus begins, the player is given three arrows to shoot at a virtual target. The rings of the target correspond to reels two through five, and each reel also has a shield with four available spaces.

If the player’s arrow hits a ring corresponding to reel two, for example, then the shield associated with that reel has one space filled. The objective is to fill all four spaces on a shield, which then converts that entire reel into a locked wild for the duration of the free games.

The player earns additional arrows for each target symbol that shows up on the reels. Following each spin, any earned arrows are fired into the target to determine which shield they’ll fill (you’ll never miss). In rare cases, a single arrow may have special properties that allow it to complete an entire shield.

Return to Player

The return to player on Lady Robin Hood is 94%. While this is a solid number for a land-based slot, it’s actually a bit low for a virtual title. This means, over the course of thousands of spins, the player can expect to win back 0.94 of each 1.00 put into the game.


The Lady Robin Hood slot from Bally is a solid-yet-unspectacular addition to the company’s catalogue. The Bull’s Eye Feature is a lot of fun, and the range of denominations should be right on target for both low and intermediate players.

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