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The Lightning Jackpots slot machine was designed by Bally as a companion to their Fireball release. With a towering topbox depicting 15 different bonus levels, this game is sure to catch the eye of most gamblers. Throw in a plasma wild and five progressive jackpots, and you’ve got a slot that’s sure to grace casino floors for years to come.

Lighting Jackpots is a 15-reel, 40-payline slot. Like most Bally games, you’ll need to activate each line if you want a chance to win anything worthwhile. Payline denominations start as low as 0.01, but high rollers can risk up to 1,000.00. It’s hard to imagine someone spending 40,000.00 on a single spin, but I suppose that would be pocket change for a billionaire.

Symbols on Reels

This game is all about lighting and electricity, and the symbols adequately reflect its theme. While traditional icons such as bars and sevens are present, there are also keys, light bulbs, electric switches, kites, lightning bugs, and even a spaceship powered by electricity (okay, the latter is a bit of a stretch).

Plasma Wild Bonus Round

In order to activate this phase of the game, the player must land five or more plasma symbols on any of the reels during a single spin. Once activated, this round is basically a free games feature with more than the usual amount of wilds. While it’s not groundbreaking in any way, it can still lead to respectable winning combinations and payouts.

Lightning Tower Feature

When this bonus feature is triggered, bolts of lightning shoot up and down the massive tower above the screen. Three games are then selected at random, and the player gets one spin of the reels on each.

Each bonus game is comprised of three reels, and their symbols are often different from what you’ll find on the base game. Wins are accompanied by lighting and sound effects, which further enhances the excitement of a successful spin.

All bonus games have some manner of lighting theme. While I won’t list them all, a few examples include “Lighting Line,” “Double Thunderbolt,” and “Triple Seven Lighting Double Jackpot.”

Progressive Jackpots

This slot has a total of five progressive jackpots available. Some offer modest payouts, while the top couple of options can change your life in an instant. These can be accessed during the bonus games, so you’ll have to complete two steps (and wager max coins) in order to be eligible.

Lighting Jackpots Availability

Lighting Jackpots was designed for brick-and-mortar casinos, just like the majority of Bally’s products. While some eventually make the transition to online casinos, the unique design of this title makes it difficult for such an adaptation. Still, fans of the game are urged to check their favorite virtual gaming establishments from time to time, just in case.

While Internet gamblers may feel neglected, there’s good news for those who enjoy playing free online slot machines. Lighting Jackpots is available for download to the iPad, and it can be purchased for a nominal fee. As long as you remember that real money can’t be wagered in this version, you should be able to relax and have an enjoyable time.

Odds of Being Struck by Lighting

If you’re reading this review, then it’s probably safe to say that you enjoy gambling. Given the theme of this slot, I thought I’d throw in one last piece of information for those who enjoy an occasional proposition wager.

Within a given year, your odds of being struck by lightning are one in 960,000. During your lifetime, however, this ratio drops to one in 12,000. If you’re ever unlucky enough to get hit–and manage to survive the experience–you can at least console yourself with the fact that the odds of getting struck twice are a hefty one in 9,000,000.


Part of Bally’s Digital Tower series, the Lightning Jackpots slot machine is meant to stand out from the competition, even on a busy casino floor. The designers have more than accomplished this goal, as the five progressives and 15 bonus rounds compensate for the lack of graphical firepower. If you’re serious about slots, be sure to add this game to your list of must-play titles.

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