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Some players crave newer and more sophisticated slot machines, while others long for the good ‘ol days of one-armed bandits. This release from Bally is meant to please both types, as it combines five reels and 30 paylines with symbols that hearken back to a simpler time of casino gambling.


Midnight Diamonds started as a slot for brick-and-mortar casinos, but it’s since been adapted for online gaming establishments. The move into the virtual realm was meant to accommodate both PC and mobile players, and a free version is also widely available for those who prefer fun over profitability.

Return to Player

The return-to-player percentage (also known as the “RTP”) is a reliable indication of a game’s long-term profitability. For example, if a machine pays back an average of 95.00 for every 100.00 wagered, then its RTP would be listed as 95%. Keep in mind, however, that the return to player is calculated over thousands of spins, and short term variance can result in large fluctuations during individual sessions.

The online version of the Midnight Diamonds slot offers an RTP of 93.38%. This is lower than a number of Bally slots I’ve come across, so those seeking the most profitable machines may want to look elsewhere.

The RTP for land-based versions of the game can be higher or lower, but these won’t be listed by the casino. In fact, brick-and-mortar gaming establishments are always stingy about this information, since two identical machines may have different payout percentages. If such details were listed, everyone would flock to the game with the superior payout and avoid the other one.

Midnight Diamonds Pay Table

The paytable presents players with valuable information, and this ranges from basic symbol values to details on the bonus games. According to the Midnight Diamonds pay table, the following are some of the values available during the base game (based on a specific wager):

  • Cherries – Pays 75.00 for three matches, 450.00 for four, and 900.00 for five.
  • Bar – Pays 75.00 for three matches, 675.00 for four, and 1,125.00 for five.
  • Bell – Pays 150.00 for three matches, 900.00 for four, and 1,500.00 for five.
  • Dollar Sign – Pays 150.00 for three matches, 1,125.00 for four, and 1,875.00 for five.
  • Bag of Cash – Pays 300.00 for three matches, 1,350.00 for four, and 2,250.00 for five.
  • Diamond Ring – Pays 450.00 for three matches, 1,500.00 for four, and 4,500.00 for five.
  • Diamond Seven – Pays 675.00 for three matches, 2,250.00 for four, and 6,750 for five.
  • Wilds – Any of the game’s three wild icons pays 900.00 for three matches, 3,000.00 for four, and 9,000.00 for five.

Diamond Stack Bonus Feature

When the stacked wild symbol appears on reels one, three, and five, the player has a chance to further increase their bankroll. Before the payout total is calculated, one to three regular wilds are randomly added to the reels. At this point, all paylines are evaluated in order to determine the player’s prize.

Wheel Bonus Feature

This bonus feature begins when three scattered Bonus icons land on reels one, three, and five. When this occurs, the player receives a single spin on the bonus wheel.

There are two basic outcomes on the wheel. The first is a currency award, and it can multiply the triggering stake by anywhere from 5x to 60x. As soon as the bonus is paid, the feature comes to an end.

The other option results in either eight, 10, or 12 free games. The player receives a reward worth 5x their total stake, and then the Free Games feature is activated.

Free Games Feature

This feature can only be triggered by the bonus wheel, and no additional free games are awarded during the complimentary spins. The reels used for this phase differ from the base game, and neither the Wheel Bonus Feature nor Diamond Stack Bonus Feature are available.

As the free spins are executed, you’ll notice a Midnight Diamonds Award above each reel. If a diamond symbol appears on the center reel of a line, then the player can expect to win one of the following:

  • Currency Award – This prize is worth 1x to 5x the total stake.
  • Golden Wild – Before winning combos are evaluated, the diamond icon on the reel is transformed into a wild.
  • Golden Wild Reel – Prior to the payout, the positions on, above, and below the center reel are transformed into wild icons. When this occurs, the wilds become locked and no additional Midnight Diamonds Awards are available on that reel.

Once a Midnight Diamonds Award has been hit, a new prize is randomly inserted above that individual reel. Wilds appearing on the reels stay in that position until the conclusion of the bonus round.


With per-line wagers ranging from 0.30 to 15.00, the Midnight Diamonds slot machine is suitable for players using a low to intermediate bankroll. The Bonus Wheel feature includes a number of welcome payout options, although the overall 93.38% RTP is a little lower than I’d like. Still, this remains a solid title from a company known for fairness and consistency.

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