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Bally’s Pawn Stars slot machine debuted in 2013, and it’s been entertaining casino patrons ever since. With five reels, 25 paylines, and a 250 credit max bet, it’s just another example of how licensed properties can add some extra excitement to the casino floor. If you’ve yet to experience the game, the following review should provide you with all the vital information.

Details about Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars is a reality show that’s been broadcast on the History channel since July of 2009. Over 495 episodes of the show have been produced, and it takes place at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The series focuses on a family-owned pawn shop which has been described as a combination of Antiques Roadshow and American Chopper. Members of the Harrison family are prominent in each episode, as well as longtime friend Austin “Chumlee” Russell.

Each episode details the negotiation process between customers and members of the staff. In addition, various arguments and issues arise among the cast.

The series became the History network’s most popular show, and it’s still going strong after 14 seasons. The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop has become a major attraction for Las Vegas tourists, and tie-in merchandise ranges from autobiographies to Facebook games.

A large number of imitators have also appeared on the airwaves, including Pawn Stars UK, Pawnography, and Cajun Pawn Stars. Not coincidentally, each of these is the creation of the same production company that originally brought Pawn Stars to viewers.

Select a Pawn Star Character

Before you begin your session, you’ll be prompted to pick your favorite Pawn Star from four different options. These include the following:

  • Corey – The son of Rick and manager of the shop. He’s worked in the pawn shop since the age of nine, and he’s being groomed to one day take over the entire operation.
  • Rick – The son of “Old Man” Harrison, Rick co-founded the pawn shop in 1989 along with his father. Passionate about reading, he especially loves making deals that involve historical items.
  • Old Man – Richard Benjamin Harrison, often referred to as “Old Man,” is the co-founder and co-owner of the shop. A 20-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, he’s particularly passionate about classic cars.
  • Chumlee – Often kidded about his competence, intelligence, and weight, Chumlee is Corey’s childhood friend. On the show, he often tests items, writes up tickets for sales, and serves as comic relief.

If the Pawn Star of your choice is part of a winning combination, you’ll receive double the prize amount in both the base game and the free games.

Item Selection Feature

This feature can appear at random on the base game. A 20-space grid is displayed over the reels, and it’s filled with the kinds of items that one might find in a pawn shop. The player is asked to choose one of these, and they’ll receive the mystery credit value associated with that symbol.

In addition, the selected item is added to the player’s inventory. If they’re lucky enough to land on one of the negotiation bonuses during the Bonus Wheel, they can take these items to the Pawn Stars and attempt to convert them into cash.

Bonus Wheel

If the Bonus symbol appears on the first and fifth reels, the Bonus Wheel feature becomes active. The player is presented with a pair of wheels on the control panel, and they’re asked to choose whether the wheel spins left or right.

After a selection has been made, the player is directed to look upwards to watch the large wheel spin above the reels. The wheel has 11 wedges, and they are comprised of the following options:

Free Spins

This bonus takes up three wedges on the wheel, and it’s available as 10, 15, and 20 free spins. The games take place immediately, with a win multiplier beginning at 3x. If the player is lucky, this multiplier can be increased all the way to 6x.

Chumlee’s Video Bonus

This bizarre bonus shows Chumlee sitting around a campfire dressed in clothing from the Wild West. He congratulates the player on gaining some extra cash, and then a screen appears with the number of credits won (2x to 20x the total bet). It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t the only video available on this bonus. You can also see Chumlee dressed up like a leprechaun or an Egyptian pharaoh, so fans of the pinball wizard have multiple reasons to keep coming back.

Pawn Stars Corey Bonus

This bonus begins when the player is presented with the virtual items from their inventory and asked to choose one. Corey then appears on the screen, asking the player what they think the chosen item is worth.

The player gets three options to choose from. If you select a value that’s too high, Corey laughs and says, “That’s not gonna happen.” He then counters with a lower amount, and the player can choose to either accept or counter with one of two other amounts.

If Corey agrees to the player’s asking price, they’ll need to make another decision. Do they take the sum of money being offered, or do they call in an expert?

When the expert is selected, he’ll arrive to determine the authenticity of the item. If the item is authentic, then the previous prize amount is doubled. If it’s a fake, then the player loses all their potential winnings for the object.

Pawn Stars Old Man Bonus

This works just like the Corey Bonus, except the player is dealing with “Old Man” Harrison.

Pawn Stars Rick Bonus

This time around, the player tries to sell an item to Rick and get the most money possible.

Pawn Stars Chumlee Bonus

In this bonus feature, the player is trying to sell an item to the lovable Chumlee. Be careful, though, as he’s not as dimwitted as he might seem.

Pawn Stars All-Star Bonus

While the previously-mentioned negotiation rounds focus on a specific character, this bonus chooses one at random. One it starts, though, it plays out just like the others.

Silver Bonus

This bonus pays a credit amount to the player. There’s nothing fancy about this award, but at least it gets straight to the point.

Gold Bonus

When this bonus hits, the player immediately receives a credit value worth more than the Silver Bonus.

No Progressive

Unlike a number of other licensed machines from Bally, the Pawn Stars slot doesn’t offer a progressive. It still includes a number of sizable payouts, but anyone hoping to become an instant millionaire will need to look elsewhere.


While Bally’s Pawn Stars slot machine doesn’t include a progressive, it does feature a total of 11 different bonuses. Of course, a lot of these are similar, so the game can sometimes feel repetitive. I’ve also seen a lot of complaints about the machine’s low hit frequency, making it a must-play only for fans of the History reality series.

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